Donovan Keane

“It’s a secret that no one tells
 One day it’s heaven, one day it’s hell;
 And it’s no fairytale, take it from me
 That’s the way its supposed to be”


Name: Donovan Liam Francis Keane

Nickname: The few people who know Donovan well call him Donnie.

Age: 21

Occupation: Assistant to Mr. Borgin at Borgin & Burkes, Knockturn Alley

Former School: Hogwarts (Slytherin)

Blood: Half-blood

Wand: 13”, yew, phoenix feather

Height: 5’ 11” (180 cm)

Weight: 140 lb (63.5 kg)

Hand Dexterity: Right

Ethnicity: Irish

Birthday: 27 May

Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Current Location: Knockturn Alley, London, England

Relationship Status: Single


Familiar (pet): Préachán, a male crow, was given to Donovan before he left for London. Préachán is very intelligent, yet independent—he comes and goes as he pleases as Donovan has no real control over him. Nevertheless, he seems to know when Donnie needs him and is the young man’s closest companion in London.


Appearance: Donovan has shaggy brown hair that hangs to his ears and frequently falls in front of his eyes.  His facial features are sharp and angular, and he has high cheekbones and a narrow face.  His piercing blue eyes often give others the unsettling impression that the young man can look right through them.  Standing at about 5’11”, Donnie is not particularly tall, but he is quite thin.


Personality: Above all things, the Donovan that people know is a façade—most people see a pleasant, helpful personality that is completely different from his true nature.  Only the most observant people suspect his more sinister side.  He is a loner and never lets anyone get close enough to figure him out.

Donovan is very ambitious and can be ruthless, even cruel at times, in order to achieve his goals.  He is skilled at reading others and will not hesitate to take advantage of them.  He can make himself appear to be whatever others want him to be, which makes it easier for him to exploit them.  Donnie is a resourceful young man who can improvise and adapt to any situation.  He is usually very patient, and he has a good memory, especially when it comes to remembering information about people he has met—even if the meeting was very brief.

Donovan has always been proficient at hiding his feelings from others, and this made him an ideal student of Occlumency. When he lived in Dublin, Ireland, for several years, he received training from Myrddin Aubary, a mentor of sorts for Donnie and one of young man’s only friends.


History: Donovan’s mother, Shannon Keane, was a member of the pureblooded, affluent Keane family of Cork, Ireland. She was disowned by her family when she fell in love with a muggle named Declan O’Malley, eloped with him, and moved to Dublin. They had only one son, whom they named Donovan Liam Francis O’Malley.  

Declan, however, was not aware that Shannon was a witch; she had chosen to keep it a secret from her husband.  That changed when Shannon and three-year-old Donnie were in a terrible car accident.  The driver of the taxi they were in was killed instantly, but despite the fact that they should never have lived, the mother and son survived with minor injuries.  Shannon felt she had no choice but to tell her husband about the magic blood that had helped protect herself and Donnie. 

Angry that his wife had been lying to him for over three years, and unable to accept this new revelation, Declan left her and Donovan.  Neither Shannon nor Donovan has ever seen Declan since, nor do they desire to see him.  Both have denounced muggles completely—Donnie has grown up hating his father and all other muggles.  At the same time, however, Shannon's family still refused to recognize her position in the family, and she and Donovan no longer have any of the wealth or prestige that should come with the name of Keane.  Shannon took to drinking heavily and was unable to hold down a single job.

When he was eleven, Donovan began attending Hogwarts where he was sorted into Slytherin house.   Despite the fact that he was a very intelligent and talented wizard, Donnie disliked school.  While he did well in the classes that most interested him, he frequently caused trouble (though he often did not get caught doing it).  Finally, before his sixth year of school, Donovan decided not to return to Hogwarts.  He felt that school was a waste of his time and that the professors were hindering him from reaching his full potential.

Glad to be out of school, sixteen-year-old Donovan left home and was employed at the Taliesin's Song, a small wizard pub in Dublin.  Donovan became friends with the pub's owner, a man named Myrddin Aubary, and became increasingly interested in the Dark Arts during this time.  At the age of eighteen, he moved to London and eventually managed to gain employment at Borgin & Burkes in Knockturn Alley.  He is currently renting the small flat above the store.  In the five years since he dropped out of school, Donnie has not seen his mother, though he tries to send home a little money from time to time.  He avoids mingling with muggles as much as possible, but Donnie has been around them enough to pick up a habit of smoking cigarettes.


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