Kate Monroe


Name: Kathryn Diana Monroe

Nickname: The only people who ever call her Kathryn are her parents.  Everyone else knows her as Kate.

Age: 17

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 7th

Blood: Muggle-born

Wand: 9¾”, elm, phoenix feather

Height: 5’ 6” (167.5 cm)

Weight: 120 lb (54.5 kg)

Hand Dexterity: Right

Ethnicity:  three-fourths English, one-fourth French

Birthday: 11 October

Place of Birth: London, England

Current Location: New York City, USA

Relationship Status: Single


Familiar (pet): Kate owns a black male cat named Titus.  He is very shy around new people, but once he warms up to someone he is sweet and cuddly to the point of being annoying.  When Kate is busy working, Titus can often be seen sleeping in her lap or someplace nearby (though if he had his way, he’d be sleeping directly on top of the book or parchment in front of her).


Appearance: Kate’s striking blue eyes are her most noticeable feature, and they seem to convey strength, confidence, and the keen intelligence that earned her a place in Ravenclaw.  Standing at about five feet six inches, Kate is thin but well-toned.  Her straight hair hangs to the middle of her back and is dark brown.

Likes: Most often Kate can be found studying for her classes, of which Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and (yes, believe it or not) History of Magic are her favorites.  Despite being the typical intellectual Ravenclaw, Kate has a creative side as well.   She loves to play the piano and, since she had taken lessons since she was very young, she has become very talented.


Dislikes: Never one to get her hands dirty, Kate is not particularly fond of Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures (though she still works hard to achieve good marks in both subjects).  Since Kate relies upon logic above anything else, she thinks that Divination is a joke.


Personality: Kate is a soft-spoken young woman, but when she does voice her opinion, it is with great confidence and intelligence.  There was a slight debate that went on before the sorting hat was able to pick a house for Kate.  In the end, her cleverness and reliance on logic won out and earned her a place in Ravenclaw.  However, she is also loyal (almost to a fault) to those that she considers her friends, she is brave and willing to stand up for what is right, and she is ambitious and strives to be the best she can be.  These traits could have put her in any one of the other houses at Hogwarts.

Raised to be competent in social situations, Kate is well-spoken and has a very diplomatic nature.  Friends will often come to her for advice or to be a mediator during a conflict.  She always thinks things through before acting, and prefers to rely on reason rather than emotion when making important decisions.  Despite this trait, she is not cold, however, and there are things that she trusts her heart to decide.





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