Susan Ivanova

“She smiles, she’s a mystery

She smiles deep inside of me

She smiles like she’s got herself a secret,

But she ain’t got time for love”


Name: Susan Aleksandrovna Ivanova  

Age: 18

House: Gryffindor

Year: 7th

Blood: Half-blood

Wand: 10½”, mahogany, dragon heartstring

Height: 5’ 7” (170 cm)

Weight: 130 lb (59 kg)

Hand Dexterity: Ambidextrous

Ethnicity: half-Russian, half-Irish

Birthday: 30 August

Place of Birth: Falmouth, England

Current Location: Falmouth, England (during Christmas break), or  St. Petersburg, Russia (in the summer)

Relationship Status: Single  


Familiar (pet): Susan has a blue silver blotched Siberian cat named Petrova (named after the well-known Russian chaser Petrova Porskoff). Petrova is very playful and loyal, and she likes to follow Susan everywhere.  She is shy around strangers, however.


Appearance: Susan has long, curly brown hair and deep blue eyes.  She is about five feet seven inches tall, is athletically built, and is a natural on a broom.  Susan has a slight Russian accent.  Because she is ambidextrous, Susan can be seen using either either hand for writing, throwing, etc.  She tends to favor the use of her right hand, however.


Personality: Susan is very strong-willed, independent, and bold. She is competitive but has a strong sense of honor. Other people find her to be dependable and honest, and she is a natural leader, which makes her well-suited as Gryffindor’s Quidditch captain.  Susan has a quick wit and can be quite sarcastic at times.  She often loses her temper when dealing with rude people or anyone that looks down on her because her father is a muggle.  She plans on training to become an auror like her mother.  


Likes: Susan loves playing as a chaser in Quidditch (she's currently the captain of the Gryffindor team) and watching the Falmouth Falcons and the Vratsa Vultures.  She also likes to relax by reading a good book, listening to music, or playing her violin.  Her favorite classes are Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures.  Susan is admittedly addicted to chocolate.


Dislikes: Susan can't stand people who are prejudiced against those who are not pureblooded wizards.  While she likes most classes at Hogwarts, Susan thinks that Divination is a complete waste of time.


History: Susan was born in Falmouth, England, and was raised there until her mother’s death when Susan was seven.  Aleksandr then took his daughter to live in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia, though they returned to Falmouth sometimes to visit Susan's grandparents there.  Although Susan did not live in Britain, Aleksandr wanted her to attend Hogwarts like her mother had.  Susan now lives with her grandparents in Falmouth during the school year (which basically means that she stays at their house for Christmas break.)  During the summers, she returns to Russia to live with her father.

Susan was sorted into Gryffindor house just as her mother and her aunt Sorcha had been.  She is a lifelong fan of Quidditch so it was not surprising that she tried out for her house team as soon as she was able; she became a chaser and after several years became team captain—an accomplishment for which she is very proud.  She could possibly be good enough to become a professional player if she worked at it, but Susan is extremely determined to become an auror upon finishing her final year of school.  She believes that by becoming an auror, she can do her part to hunt down the Death Eaters who went into hiding after Voldemort's downfall.   However, though she would rarely voice this hope to anyone, Susan desires to learn more about what happened to her mother so many years ago.  The Ministry of Magic did not disclose many details about the murder, and as an auror, Susan may finally be able to discover the truth and find some closure.

Susan learned to speak both English and Russian fluently when she was young.  She can also speak Romanian and Bulgarian fairly well and knows a little bit of German. 


Parents: Aleksandr Ivanov is a Russian muggle who was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He met Deirdre on a trip to England during college and later moved there to marry her.  Deirdre Ivanova née O’Connor, a witch, was born in Belfast, Ireland, but raised in Falmouth, England. She attended Hogwarts (she was in Gryffindor) and graduated as Head Girl.  She met Aleksandr a year later and they married and had one daughter, Susan.  Deirdre was an auror, and after Voldemort's downfall she worked for the Ministry to track down Death Eaters who had gone into hiding. Deirdre was killed in the line of duty just over ten years ago, and Susan believes that by becoming an auror herself she will be able to learn more about her mother's death.


Other Relatives:  Aleksandr’s older brother, Yevgeny, is a wizard, but both Aleksandr and his younger brother, Sergei, are not.  Yevgeny’s wife is a Bulgarian witch named Sophie. Their daughter, Tatiana Ivanova, plays quidditch for the Vratsa Vultures and is a member of the Bulgarian National Team. Sergei is not married.

Deirdre’s younger sister, a witch named Sorcha, currently lives in Falmouth and is unmarried.  She is a very independent woman and is a role-model to Susan.

Susan’s paternal grandparents, Andrei and Nataliya Ivanov, live in St. Petersburg, Russia; her maternal grandparents, Seamus and Bridget O’Connor, live in Falmouth, England.


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