Class Rules


  1. Because Ancient Runes is often a lab-style class, students may post up to three posts between each of mine once class has started. Classes are a good place for students to interact with one another, but while I encourage students to help each other (or criticize, whatever the case may be,) please keep the chitchat to a minimum.  Overall, conversation should be lesson-oriented.


  1. Once I have announced the beginning of class, new students should act as though they have been there the whole time unless they want to lose house points by arriving late.


  1. Raise your hand before asking or answering questions, and donít raise your hand unless you know you will probably be on within the next 48 hours. Anyone who raises his or her hand but never returns to reply will lose house points for wasting everyone elseís time.


  1. You do not have to write any essays that are assigned for homework. Those who state that their characters turned in homework at the beginning of the next class will receive 5 house points, and I will only deduct points if some one specifically says that he or she did not complete the assignment.


  1. Please proof-read your posts! While I give house points to those who cast spells properly in class, I will not award points for sloppy, poorly-written posts. Put some thought into your writing.  If I feel that a post is particularly well done, I may give some extra points for it. I reserve the right to hand out these points as I see fit.


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