Eryn Freeborn

· Gender: Female

· Age: 20

· Class: Thief

· Height: 5’4”

· Weight: 120 lb

· Skills: Naturally agile and intuitive, Eryn Freeborn is an experienced thief and pickpocket despite her young age.  She is streetwise, skilled at picking locks and disarming traps, and very good at hiding and blending into a crowd. Although she prefers to avoid physical conflict, Eryn has been trained to use a short dagger and can hold her own in a fight.

· Personality: Eryn is fiercely independent and strong-willed. Because of her class, she is forced to be a bit of a loner, but she is always willing to help out a friend. Her closest friends are Valkobo, Edmund, Kira, and Loren. She is always ready for an adventure.

· Brief History: Eryn was born and raised in Raelinda, a large port city on the coast of the Southern Sea. She had one older brother named Wesley. When Eryn was six and Wesley was eight their father left and never returned.  Five years later their mother Marina became ill and died, leaving her two children with no money or family. In order to survive, the two siblings turned to Kyros Vasilis, the leader of Raelinda’s infamous Thieves Guild, which is located in the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the city. The charismatic outlaw became a father figure to both Wesley and Eryn, teaching them everything there is to know about thievery and stealth.

After living among bandits for about five years, Eryn, who was now sixteen years old, decided to leave Raelinda to travel and seek adventure. Wesley told her that she was being foolish and refused to go with his sister, much to her disappointment. Since then, Eryn has journeyed throughout the land and made several good friends. She still steals sometimes, but has tried to limit her thievery to times when it is most necessary.

· Appearance: Eryn stands at about 5 foot 4 inches and is lean and athletic.  Eryn's straight blond hair hangs to the middle of her back and is often unkempt.  She has gray-blue eyes and wears a leather tunic and leggings and a light brown cloak. She always wears a leather gauntlet on her left arm for Enlil to set on.

· Other: Eryn’s sparrow hawk, named Enlil, always stays nearby to help Eryn out if she should need him. He was a gift given to her by the Sylvan Elves from the northern forests when she traveled there with Valkobo and Edmund.  

· Pictures:


Left:  This red dress was given to Eryn when Valkobo, Edmund, and she stayed with the Sylvan Elves.  It was during this visit that Edmund proposed to her.

Right:  Eryn, on her wedding day.


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