We're Geniuses in France    

Last updated: March 11, 2010

What is We're Geniuses in France?
We're Geniuses in France is a weekly sketch comedy television show that airs Thurdays at 10 p.m. on Chicago Access Network -- Cable Channel 19. The show consists of sketch comedy featuring satiric videos and lampoons of your favorite celebrities and movies.  Thanks to our faithful viewers, WGIF has beaten ALL cable access ratings records and our second live show was the highest rated program on Channel 19 EVER!!!

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Our zombie parody "Dawn of the Celebrity Dead" was picked up by National Lampoon's Comedy Night School and will air throughout the country (as was Scared Straight Off Marriage previously).  For info on when and where it will be seen, go to www.comedynightschool.com or nationallampoon.com.

Tweet at: twitter.com/crudfish44

You can find lots of our past shorts (Scared Straight Off Marriage, Angelina Hall, The Steve Bartman Story, etc.) any time or any where you want on You Tube at www.youtube .com/user/annstain or by searching "WGIF."  You can also find them at Funny or Die.

Merchandise based on the puppets Mr. Place and Mr. Thing (the puppets featured on WGIF) can be ordered at the web site www.cafepress.com/kibblesmith.  Get shirts, mugs, etc. featuring the depraved, little scamps.  Be the coolest kid on your block.

Comments, requests, observations, etc. can be sent to: alphadog01@sprynet.com.

**Check here to find out what's coming up on future shows!!**
Updated  March 11, 2010
Critical Praise
"Funny stuff!" --Bob Sirott, NBC 5

"One of the things that I really miss about living in Chicago
is this cable access show. Don't let the fact that it's public
access fool you - if the producers of Saturday Night Live
had any smarts, they'd hang it up and show three episodes
of this show. It's sketch comedy that has a real sharp edge,
and is so cutting edge that others can't keep up."
--Prodigy Comedy Community

"Congratulations on a very funny show." --Grant Philpott, Tarant on TV

 "Funny and very entertaining."--Don Tynes, Comedy Night School (WKMG-TV)

"A very good show." --Aden Arctic, SPYTV

"Geniuses builds a following among Chicago comedy fans." --Vince Vieceli, Side Splitters Magazine

"Funny and well produced." --Scott Immergut, Digital Entertainment Network

"The best thing about living in Chicago." --Fan Boy Website

"This ensemble comedy gives SCTV the best sort of flattery; naturally it's funny."
--Maribeth Bruno, Third Word Magazine


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