Operators (ops) are an important part of any IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel. They are appointed by the channel owners and entrusted to uphold the rules of the channel as well as to help protect and watch over the channel.

They are often a real life friend of the channel owners or an IRC buddy who the channel owners have come to trust though IRC interactions.

Channel Ops are there to help you. Feel free to ask ops for assistance they will be happy to help you out.

I have set up this ops page to familiarize you with some of them. I know that it is sometimes easier to ask for help when you feel like you know who you are asking. You can identify an op by the @ symbol preceeding their nickname. For example, @Mofobabe.

The following people have operator status on #Mofo:

Mofobabe Jainiedoe Nita
Bottine Tex Nellie
Picard Fledrmaus TellerChick

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