I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this site:

    Sheryl Zeidman - of ZDPWeb for taking my thoughts and turning them into what you see on these pages. I never could have made this site without her help, guidance, advice and knowledge. She also happens to be my sister and I am still baffled as to why none of her computer genius has rubbed off on me.

    Rinze Van Huizen - For creating the bloody hand logo for #Mofo. I just mentioned what I wanted and he volunteered to lend us a (bloody) hand. He is an incredibly talented artist and a good IRC friend of mine. I encourage you to visit his site to enjoy more of his work.

    Nellie - For her friendship, opinions, links and incessant (yet helpful) nitpicking.

    Holly - The #Mofo researcher (this girl is dangerous with a search engine) for all the cool P& T links. When Holly is in the channel you better believe it is jumping. Another good friend.

    Georgia Maher - For her advice, friendship and for the great pics of Teller.

    Nita and Fledrmaus - Two friends who are full of knowledge and fun. I look forward to seeing them every day in the channel. And they are two of the reasons the channel is so wonderful.

    Bottine, Nan, Eninea, and PJGirl - Channel regulars who make it a pleasure to log onto #mofo. Thanks guys for your support I just love ya!

    Tyler Martin - From Rocktoons for contributing his cartoon to the Penn & Teller Links page.

    Maggie Ragaisis and Paul Nielsen for their support.

    Michael Solinas - For his support, and for his invaluable help in getting #mofo set up on Galaxy Net.

    Penn and Teller - For being so damn wonderful and giving us so much to chat about.

If you contributed in some way to this site and I have inadvertantly left you out please drop me a note and I will correct it immediately. As always, if you have anything you would like to contribute to this site please mail me.

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