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From: Mary O.

I like your web sites.

From: Christopher Sheen

Hey you guys are great and anybody reading this I am a semi-pro Magician so E-Mail me O.K.

From: Judy bacon

From: Ted

These guys are the best!!!

From: Hersh
Bubba2665@aol.comgreat stuff!

Great Stuff! Enjoyed it all

salut je suis juliet2 bonne journee

From: Joe-Buck

I love your page. almost as much as penn and teller. hehe. see ya in the chat room MB

from the office of..




From: Sierra, Queen of Freshmen
I rate your page as Very fresh.
Visit My Guestbook Too!

Penn gave me his autograph and his popcorn. Oh, yeah, he whacked me on the back. God, the man is strong!
(is this your card? 3 of clubs)

From: Mog Bane
I rate your page as Pretty cool page. It's got Penn & Teller.

I've been a great fan of Penn & Teller for years, especially Penn. He's just to cool.

From: Judy B.

From: me
I rate your page as the best

Penn&Teller are the best in the world and if you see me or i see you at McCarter i will say hi it will be me Will P.S. you are the best

From: d0gen
I rate your page as Excellent.

Good to see the guys online. I have linked here from my page, and tell all my friends to visit. That fact plus my P&T autographed thumb tip are enough to make most people a little frightened.

From: ROB
I rate your page as Great.
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From: Ace
I rate your page as lame

I hope to own^H^H^Hsee you all again soon.

ps. Mofobabe, what's the best time for me to call

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