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From: banham
I rate your page as really nice

this is a really good site!!!!
i love these guys especially teller. he is such a good writer especially for someone who never talks. i have read all the articles i can find on him and want to read more. please send me some articles written by teller. i dont care what they are about. i read an article where he recommended an elvis costello cd and now i own it just because of his recommendation. i need more!!!

From: Kristen Postava

I love these sites, they are really, really good. I almost saw Penn and Teller once but we didn't have enough money to see them in Vegas. My sister, however saw, and met, if that isn't a kick in the head, last year in Vegas. So now I'm on a mission to see them, I don' t know how, but I will. So if you could keep me informed about things, I would really like that. Thank you, and have a wonderful day. Kris, 17

From: dymphna
I rate your page as 10 stars! Two thumbs up! This page rules!

Hey Mofo, I've been meaning to sign your book
for weeks now. Thanks for the page and the room.
It is so cool to be able to chat with other folks who are posessed of such excellent taste.

From: SID

Keep up the good work P&T.

From: Clayton Ryan
I rate your page as 90

From: bionic girl
I rate your page as pretty good, a little diffcult to read the red print without my bionic eye

From: chg

Great show !!! on Monday night

From: Laura Scudiere

Hello there from Oxford Ohio, a small college town that I have to live in order to get my degree. Anyway, this site is cool, and I just want to say that Penn and Teller are deserving of all the attention given to them here.

From: grogger
I rate your page as 10
Visit My Guestbook Too!

the best in the world

From: Dog To Scrub
I rate your page as a cool page

penn and teller are the best. their the only magicians that aren't ridiculously pretentious. (ie. david copperfield) do u know if their ever going to tour australia? i have the highest admiration for teller especially. i've read some of his essays and god they're witty! ...and please visit my page on Rick Moranis! (keep up the good work. this page is cool.)

From: Dino Car

I saw Penn & Teller live in Vancouver,B.C. in 1993. I sat in the front row and was quite simply amazed. You guys are the most entertaining act to hit this town since Kiss in 1978. Please come back soon!!!

From: Fair Goer

Great site on Penn & Teller. I've been a fan of Penn Jilette since he was a kid juggling in the park next to our high school. It's great to see a home town guy doing well. Great illusion on Letterman on 10-28-97

From: Turnspike
I rate your page as better than Copperfields

Saw GMA this morning and noticed when you showed your ID it was a PADI dive card. I am PADI certified too! By the way that's not my card! that's never my card!! Oh, 3 of CLUBS! Yeah that's it. I am owning up to having a 3 hour tape that has Dear Friends and TV spots from 11 different shows. Yeah I'm braindead.

From: Teller Chick
I rate your page as I rate this page as an 8 out of 10

I've always been a fan of P&T!! (esp. T!!)
You've got a fab page and I hope to maybe one day see my name in the list of channel ops!!

Keep up informing us on the events to come!!

From: LAVA
I rate your page as 100
Visit My Guestbook Too!

Penn & Teller are the magicians that make magic special. Special like christmas when you were a kid and you see all your gifts.

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