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From: Joe BUck
I rate your page as the best hehe
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hey mofobabe love the page. now that got the 3of clubs im now sure your a real penn and teller fan. hehe

see yeah later.

From: Leif Densloe
I rate your page as a cooool site !!!

Hi magic friends !
Magic surfing in Sweden can start at my site.
Find the best links and a magic moment in time.
Ceep up the good work P&T ! Come to Sweden some day!

From: Andrea Thomson
I rate your page as up to date, some good stuff

Penn and Teller are amazing specimans, I could watch them all the time (visa versa I'm sure)

From: Holly
I rate your page as It's an 11

You're web site is great and I really enjoyed visiting it. You're graphics are wonderful and you have the best links. I'll make sure to come back.

From: Ted George
I rate your page as Your web page is a 10!!!!

I love it!!!I am recomending it to others.

From: jai ward

your shows are awsome so keep on doin that pshyco stuff you do on your next autstralian show try to give john howard some pay outs

From: Picard
I rate your page as 11 out of 10

Hiya Mofobabe =^)

Well it turned out just great, keep it going like this. Hope to see you soon on IRC.

Greetz from Holland,

From: Georgia L. Maher
I rate your page as 9 (out of possible 10)

I love the page, and particularly like the interactive calendar. What doesn't get posted to the group can be seen here, it's a REALLY good idea. And I LOVE the handstab graphic, too!
And thanks for adding my page as a're helping me spread my artwork like the plague.

Bubonic Georgia

From: Terry Prisendorf
I rate your page as On a scale of 1 to 5 I give you a 7.
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So Jillette can catch bullets with his teeth... if he has any real guts he'll stop by your chat channel and say "hello." So what-a-ya made of P.J.? Do you have what it takes to keep from falling into the same fate as Copperfield? Will you last as long as Mick Jagger or will we be seeing your career highlight videos soon? Do you have the guts to associate with us small fry and stay in the limelight forever or will you be doing voice-overs for Nick at Night for the rest of your life? Stand up Penn. Be a man! Let's see you on #mofo!

From: Mike Cardinal
I rate your page as One of the best I've Seen!

G'Day wonderful future sister-in-law. Miss you lots.

From: Hobbzz

WOW! Great page... way cool graphics!
Thanks for the Penn & Teller links. I can't wait to check out the chat channel.

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