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So.. you want to know a bit about me.... Well, My name is Sheryl, although you'll spot me on IRC as Jainiedoe, and I'm a New Yorker currently living in Melbourne Australia with my fiance who I met over the internet. (Which is quite a story in itself). Just goes to show you that it's true when they say that these things happen when you least expect them!

When I'm not busy trying to calculate the time difference between here and New York (Melbourne is currently 16 hours ahead in case you're interested), trying to convert the temperature from celcius to farenheit, or wondering where the heck I can get a decent bagel, I spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet, and especially the web.

You see, I'm a self-admitted net geek, who makes her living creating web pages for businesses and individuals. I keep very busy designing sites for others as well as working on my own site and creating graphics for the free web graphics section of my site. I love what I do, so when Mofobabe decided that she wanted a web page for #Mofo I was happy to help. Of course, the fact that Mofobabe is my sister didn't hurt either!

#Mofo has turned into a terrific channel. Stop in and have a great time with other Penn and Teller Fans. I hope to see you there,


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