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We'd love to see you in #mofo. This page should give you all the information you need on how to connect and join us. If for whatever reason you have difficulty connecting feel free to email me and I'll try to help you out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In response to many questions on this topic: YES! If you have AOL you can still join us. Just follow the following directions.


How to join #MOFO

    #MOFO is a chat channel on IRC (Internet relay chat). In order to connect to IRC you'll need a small chat program. We recommend that windows users download mIRC. mIRC is the shareware IRC chat program made for Windows by Khaled Mardam-Bey. The latest version is mIRC 6.03 and it is really a lot of fun and easy to use. To download mIRC go to the mIRC home page.

    MAC users may want to try Global chat which you can download here. If you are a MAC user and know of another chat program that you prefer we would appreciate your forwarding the program name and instructions.

Windows AND Mac Users:

    Launch your chat program and connect to a Galaxynet server. Some good servers are:


    Once you are connected to a server just type /join #MOFO and start chatting away. For more information about galaxynet, you can check out their home page.


Using Mirc Link to Chat from your Browser

    If you already have mIRC installed, you can click on the link below to launch the chat program from this web site!. The first time you click on a mIRC Link your browser will come with an error message like "Unknown MIME type..." and ask you to configure a helper application or viewer. Select the 'Configure External Viewer' or "pick app" option and browse to the directory where mIRC and the mIRC Link helper application are found. Select the mlink.exe or mlink32.exe file and press OK. Once you are connected to galaxynet, just type in /join #MOFO. That will put you directly into the channel.

    Please note that not all Web browsers offer the capability to launch helper applications. This doesn't mean that you can't chat. Simply follow the directions above. (How to Join #Mofo).

#MOFO's Mirc Link


If for whatever reason you can't connect to chat, (like no more room on your computer for chat software) please keep in touch with us by leaving a message on our bulletin board. We would love to hear from you.

As a huge advocate of free speech I should say that all comments, both good and bad are welcome on #Mofo. Opposing opinions make for some lively and interesting conversations. I just ask that you please treat each other with respect as you express your opinions so that the channel is maintained in the spirit in which it was intended.


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