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Welcome to the official web page of #Mofo. The Penn and Teller fan chat channel on IRC's Galaxynet.

When I first became a Penn and Teller fan I checked their newsgroup regularly to get new information on the guys. I noticed that many of you had interesting opinions, questions or stories and thought that it would be great to have a place to go to share all this information in real time chat. So I set up #Mofo on IRC's Galaxynet.

It's a pretty exciting time in #Mofo with the guys' frequent television appearances, the guys' new show on Showtime, "Penn and Teller: Bullshit!". And their always busy tour schedule.

There are also long time fans from the "Asparagus Valley" days in the channel so if you have a question, chances are they'll know the answer. There is just so much to chat about and we have been having some lively conversations.

Why don't you come join us and share your thoughts? The channel is open 24/7, so just pop on in, and join the fun.

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