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Boring stuff: I'm a postgrad in Cognitive Psychology/Cognitive Science. I got my masters from Indiana, and now I'm over here in England working towards my Ph.D. (yup, I'm a Yank abroad). I enjoy long walks along the beach, beautiful sunsets over the sea, yadda yadda yadda.

How'd I get here? I'm a bit of a net geek (by choice rather than occupation). I'm also a big fan of Penn & Teller, so when Mofobabe offered me ops...well, the combination of IRC and the guys was just too good to pass up.

What else do you wanna know about me? Ask me. I'll be on the channel as much as possible (although the times will probably be different from most of y'all in the States), and you're always free to email me at Or, if you only want a vague idea into my goofiness (please, taken with a grain of salt, or whatever cliche you fancy), you could check out my (badly in need to updating) page ...or, to just jump to the meat (ahem), you can go straight to my (ahem) brief P&T page.

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