Penn's Chat Transcript

IRC log started Tue Dec 16 20:53

<JR> Hi Penn

<MsUnivac> Hi Penn!

<Dana777> Hello!!!!

<Penn> Hi

<Thelma> HI Penn

<TellrChik> hi

<Penn> I'm a little early, sorry.

<Miriam> Hi Penn.

<TellrChik> how the hell are ya Penn!!!!

<MsUnivac> No problem!

<Virgin> Hi Penn!

<Tex> ok, rules again...NO whispers or DCC Chat requests to the big guy

<dymphna> hiya Penn

<Miriam> sorry?

<Penn> I'm doing well, thanks.

* Keet faints

<MsUnivac> I am not complaining!

<Maestro> Hi Penn

<Thelma> hey wait a min !!!!!!! there was no drum roll thingy !

<Thelma> Dammit

* JR is excited.

<Joe-Buck> hey Penn

<Virgin> Could someone pick Keet up off the floor!

<TellrChik> hahaha

<MsUnivac> C'mon, Keet, don't miss this!

<Thelma> poor keet

* Keet stirs and slowly shakes it off

<Thelma> lol

<Joe-Buck> about time you got here

<Joe-Buck> hehe

<ME> penn!   penn!   penn!

<Nellie> good point.

<Miriam> Thanks for doing this kind of chat.  Those AOL chats are awful.

<Penn> Nah, no drum roll, I'm sitting here with Mofobabe, a pot of tea and a box of little sugar donuts.

<Penn> I'm ready.

<Joe-Buck> now all we need is mofobabe

<TellrChik> we have been busy chatting..

<MsUnivac> I want to ask you a serious question right away...

<Nellie> hey penn.

<Miriam> yummy

<TellrChik> and waiting your arrival

<Maestro> Penn - do you still do Comedy Central voice overs?  It must be inconvenient to rush to the phone every half hour or so...

<MsUnivac> When did you realize you were an atheist?

<Thelma> aaaaaaaah lolol ..

<Tex> how is Audrey's hip? is she still stiff?

<Miriam> dunkin donuts?  Entenmanns?

<Joe-Buck> need some music right penn!

<Penn> Yup, I've been the voice of CC for about 6 years.  I do it twice a  week, I'm in studios all over.

<Penn> Entemanns

<Miriam> ah, they're wonderful.  I like the chocky ones.

<Tex> HOWDY Uri

<JR> hey urisucks

<Joe-Buck> thanks tex was thinking to do that

<Virgin> Can't get Entemanns in Canada!

<UriSucks> howdy Tex;)

<Rance> folx... again

<poxodd> Hey penn! Remember me..POXODD...!! Remember my comics Rez comics??  DId you like them???

<Thelma> Hi ther Uri

<UriSucks> heya JR d000000d

<dymphna> yo Uri!

<TellrChik> hello URI!!

<Nellie> the rabbit turd doughnuts?

<Penn> I've been saying aloud I was an Atheist since I was about 16.  My parents still made me go to sunday church group until I was asked to leave for creating more Atheists.

<MsUnivac> You're one of the only things I really enjoy about Comedy

<UriSucks> yo Dymph

<TellrChik> hahaha

<Tex> ooh damn Penn, you're infectious

<JR> lol

<Dana777> What church did you go to?

<Rance> Way to go, Penn!

<MsUnivac> Was that hard, confronting your parents? I went through absolute torture

<Falsto> So Penn, do you even do the X-mas thing then?

<Skinnee> question for Penn::: How did it feel to work with the Greatest band in the world, the Residents?

<dymphna> Interesting, atheist creationism

<Miriam> my husband was thrown out of catechism (sp?) for being a socialist is that similar?

<Penn> I loved the Rez comix and I remember you.  Yeah, it's on my rock and roll shelf in my library.  the library of the Slammer.
<Penn> Well, you know, my Mom used to say she just liked to wear a hat on Sunday. She looked xtian but she was smart and made it clear.

<Miriam> Are there groups of atheists who get together in an organized way to be atheists?

<MsUnivac> And Dad?

<Miriam> I know there are in the UK, but what about here.

<Penn> It's was the 1st Congragational Chuch of Greenfield Ma.  they called it "First Congo" -- I liked that.

<Skinnee> Penn, do you know the Residents TRUE identity?

<poxodd> Yeah, I got voted the Artist for the new rez fan club. Seems everyone likes my comics...including the Rez.

<Penn> My Mom and Dad like to see me and I happen to have xmas off, so I'll  be with them.  I'll cook a boxed turkey for our dinner.

<MsUnivac> Was it a gradual realization, or was it a sudden thing?

<Penn> I love the Residents, they are my siblings with different parents.

<TellrChik> A boxed turkey? what is that?

<dymphna> you take it out of the box, right?

<Penn> I became an Atheist slowly, like everyone with a lot of reading and thinking.

<Nellie> some people do get a head start on it, though.

<Virgin> So what do you have faith in?

<JR> technology?

<Skinnee> Do you plan on doing any other stuff with the Rez?

<Maestro> Penn-you ever consider hiring a skeptic to pass out literature and answer questions after shows?  There's still one for hire I know  of...

<Penn> Yeah, it's these whole dinners for people who can't cook.  My Mom  is very old and can't cook anymore, so I heat up a dinner.  We did it last year too.

<MsUnivac> So you started out believing as a child, then slowly drifted away from it through reading and research?

<Penn> No plans for more stuff with the Rez kids, but I'm sure it'll happen again.

<TellrChik> what a sweet son!!! Moms must love you, Penn!!

<Tex> hey, the only think I cool is Kraft mac & cheese

<UriSucks> dehidrated Turkey dinner ina box...just add water

<Miriam> Sometimes I call myself an atheist.  Other times I just say I don't  ascribe to any religion.  Seems more socially acceptable that way, some how.

<Penn> Our show is so skeptical, that I don't know as we need help but, thanks.

<Skinnee> I look forward to anything you guys plan on doing

<Penn> Hi, Sheryl.

<Nellie> why worry about being socially acceptable?

<Penn> Get a grab of the chat Sheryl.

<Joe-Buck> so penn my question is how come you say if there was no James Randi there would not be any penn and teller.

<Miriam> I've been a skeptic for a LONG time, I just didn't know it.  When did you realize you were a skeptic Penn? <Penn> My Mom does love me and my Dad too.  They're the best people on earth,  but I've said that before.

<Dana777> How old are your parents?

<Miriam> it's nice to hear about someone who loves their parents and doesn't  blame their life tragedies on them.

<MsUnivac> Yeah, every story you tell about them seems to indicate they are  really cool people. How did they influence you?

<Joe-Buck> what is it that he did that made you what you are?

<Skinnee> Have you heard Primus?

<MofoOp> hiya Penn

<Penn> Kreskin burnt me badly as a kid and made me hate science and magic.  Randi brought me back.  He taught me to love life and live life.  there  wouldn't be a P&T and there wouldn't be a Penn as I know him without randi.

<TellrChik> Uri, i agree....

<Penn> I was a skeptic the day I saw Randi speek.

<Falsto> I agree too

<JR> wow

<Rance> Penn... i saw you perform at Universal Studios for Halloween Haunts several years ago... since then i've moved to the midwest, any tour ever come close to this neck of the woods?

<MsUnivac> When was that, Penn? How old were you?

<Skinnee> where is Teller?

<Penn> My Mom was 45 when I was born, my Dad a couple years younger. I'm 42 -- do the math.

<Tex> skinnee, this chat is with Penn only

<Miriam> Actually, I found out about psicop a few days before I found out who penn and teller were.

<dymphna> Penn, I saw you in KS a year ago.  I just have to say, I never  doubted for a second that you were really worried about the broken bottles you were juggling.  I was floored to find out it was all  scripted..

<Penn> We play anywhere that gives us money.  We play the midwest.

<Tex> ooh, my dad is 42 years older than me...we're in the same boat

<Penn> I guess I was a full blown skeptic at about 17 or 19

<Miriam> Penn and Teller were in that issue of SI.

<Nellie> How about the UK?

<Rance> I've got 5 bux <G>

<TellrChik> Any plans for New Years Eve, Penn?

<Penn> It's Csicop.

<MsUnivac> No help from the local school district, I'm sure

<dymphna> You should come to Tulsa, rattle some christian cages.

<Miriam> sorry, I goofed.  thanks penn.

<Penn> I think we're playing Philly on NYE.  They love it when you call  it "Philly."

<Joe-Buck> haha god one penn

<Skinnee> Did you go to the Rez shows in san francisco halloween week?

<MsUnivac> I'm still trying to undo 12 years of public school education  through skepticism

<Joe-Buck> good one penn

<Penn> I was working Halloween.  Me and Elvira will never have Halloween off.

<Miriam> I wish I could go to that show!

<TellrChik> hahaha

<Miriam> have you ever played baltimore?

<JR> Penn, with the popularity of 'traffic' do you see a reprint of Cruel  tricks?

<MsUnivac> You should play Salem, Mass. on Halloween!

<Maestro> Penn - have you ever taken on an unpaid apprentice to continue  the tradition you've begun?

<Joe-Buck> mofobabe here yet?

<Skinnee> do you have the hots for elvira?

<TellrChik> Miriam, I'll keep my eyes open just for you!!

<Penn> We played Baltimore a lot.

<Tex> ok Penn, I ahve a good question for you... when interviewers ask you about you or the crew being hurt...

<Miriam> I just moved to Baltimore last year.  Will you play it again?

<Penn> I hope "Cruel Tricks" would be reprinted but the book company and we don't get along that well since the "sugar."

<Tex> I notice you conveniently forget to mention the Unicycle jump

<Penn> mofobabe is sitting next to me and reading aloud.  We are literal  not virtual.

<MsUnivac> Oh, is that why you went with Boulevard this time, then?

<JR> sup with the sugar?

<Miriam> oh yeah, I never did order that other packet.

<TellrChik> hi mofobabe!!

<Skinnee> any san francisco shows planned?

<Penn> I thought I wanted to do Elvira and then she started talking Animal rights when we were on Arsenio together.  Talk about a hard-off.

<MsUnivac> Oh, man!

<Rance> LOL

<Miriam> ugh

<Skinnee> lol

<JR> lol

* Keet doubles over with laughter

<Penn> We had a friend of Randi's working with us for a while for no pay,  but now he's back with randi.

<Dana777> Penn, do you know any of the astronauts that were on STS 87?

<MsUnivac> There's a great t-shirt I want to get - PETA - People for the  Eating of Tasty Animals

<TurtleBK> zero, out with the clone

* TellrChik and Kara laugh like crazy at the Elvira comment!

<Virgin> Thelma...stick to water..better for you!

<Joe-Buck> ohh say hi to mofobabe for me penn

<Thelma> naaaaa Coffee works wonders

<Dana777> LOL, Ms. Unavac!

<Joe-Buck> shes great

<Maestro> Penn - Is that Andrew?  Seems I'm beaten out for every gig by him!

<Penn> I've met a couple astronauts.  I met them at the shuttle launch.  the ones from Mir walk funny.

<Miriam> cool

<Penn> Yeah, that was Andrew.

<MsUnivac> Hey Penn - are you wearing your hair tied back or down right now?

<Penn> I love the name Urisucks.

<Miriam> LOL

<Dana777> Which ones from Mir have you seen?

<Miriam> yummy, that hair is so great.

<JR> Urisucks is cool.

<TellrChik> this is getting smutty...

<Penn> My hair is tied back but it's always way messy when I'm not working. It's hanging in my face.

<Virgin> Miriam..down girl *G*

<JR> smutty, already.

<Miriam> Uri Geller is such a piece of shit.

<Maestro> Smutty?  Where?  About time.

<MsUnivac> Would you take it down?

<Thelma> lol Miriam

<Skinnee> not to beat the rez thing but did you ever get to wear an eyeball  mask?

<Nellie> yes, let's hear from the smut sisters!

<Miriam> He has a huge house in london from doing NOTHING.

<Skinnee> i know teller did

<dymphna> I'm just getting the ropes to restrain Ms U

<Joe-Buck> penn where is teller tonight?

<MsUnivac> Hey, hey hey.

<Virgin> you think that will work?

<MsUnivac> I'm being perfectly chaste!

<JR> just a usual night on #mofo.

<TellrChik> Penn:  My best friend Kara would like to know what you mean  by "parallel monogamy" in the new book?  *wink wink*

<dymphna> it couldn't hurt to try

<Tex> cool

<Thelma> Penn .. do you watch South Park ?

<MsUnivac> Back off with the ropes, D

<Virgin> Dym...*LOL*

<Skinnee> come on down to south park and i'll take you for a ride

<Thelma> LOL Sk

<Dana777> Hello, Ring Master!

<RiNgMaStR> lub it

<MsUnivac> Hey - I was surprised to learn you and Teller started out not liking each other...

<Thelma> Hi Ringmastr

<ctuna> Hi all!

<tgoddess> Hi Don.

<Dana777> I look familiar?

<TellrChik> ok...let me re-ask my question!!

<MsUnivac> Where were we?

<Tex> ok Penn, lemmie repeat my question, I think you missed it the first time


<Miriam> Hi Don, it's been ages since I "saw" you.

<Thelma> WB Uri

<MaxStyles> Penn, I just want to say thanks for letting me go backstage and get Kari's autograph in Vegas last month. I made Stewart sign my book as well.

<Penn> Yeah, repeat any questions I didn't answer.

<Penn> You made Kari's night.  And Stewart's.

<Skinnee> so, did you ever get to wear an eyeball mask?  i know teller did

<Nellie> does stuart have any interesting new tattoos?

<Tex> when interviewers ask you & Teller if you or any crew member has been hurt, why do you leave out the Unicycle Jump

<TellrChik> Penn:  My best friend Kara would like to know what you mean by  "parallel monogamy" in the new book?  *wink wink*

<UriSucks> whats yer favorite venue excludeing the highest paying?

<tgoddess> Stewart had a new one on his calf in Macomb.  There's a picture of it on Ephraims website.

<Penn> Stewart ALWAYS has new interesting tattoos.  He's been getting lots  of cool sex stuff.

<Penn> Yeah, I've worn an eyeball.

<MaxStyles> I think I caught him off-guard by asking him to sign it.

<ctuna> Hiya miriam, maggie, penn, georgia!

<Tex> what's up Don

<Penn> When I say "hurt" -- I mean "hospital over night" --  I was an outpatient after "Asparagus Penn's Unicycle Jump for Life."

<Nellie> Sounds great.  I'll have to check out the link next time...

<JR> lol

<Penn> Parellel monagamy is a computer sex joke.  It's nonsense.  I mean well, you know what I mean.

<Tex> ooh really? I'm surprised. I heard it was bad

<Penn> Hi Rachel.

<Tex> and I'm glad it wasn't any worse

<LesFister> Penn: anything coming from The Captain Howdy in the future?

<TellrChik> hahaha, thanks Penn

<PollyQ> Penn, is that (gasp!) an analog watch you're wearing these days?

<Nellie> hi, sweetie.

<Tex> *ahem* I met my hubby on the net, so yeah I know what ya mean

<ctuna> whew... think I'm caught up at last

<Miriam> <--used to be called froggy, too

<Skinnee> bill gates loves you penn

<Maestro> Penn - what would it take to convince you to bring on a new apprentice? Anything? Dedication, desperation, recommendation?

<ctuna> Tex, me too.. only Bubs is my wife.

<Joe-Buck> what does penn have for a computer anyway?

<MsUnivac> I was surprised to learn you and Teller started out not liking each other. How long did it take before that changed?

<ctuna> mebbe there's a better one?

<Skinnee> penn, do you think that BILL GATES is the anti-christ?

<ME> three cheers to everyone who arranged this tonight!

<Miriam> I went to school in London for a year and had an account at school

<cinamin> Penn - just wanted to tell you i first saw you in Philly (& yea we like when you say "philly" in winter 1988 or 89 –Shubert were so good, i came back with a bunch of friends a few nites later to see you again :)

<JR> Penn on home invasion you left out the bending spoons stuff. ABC's choice or yours?

<Penn> Thanks,

<Penn> We didn't do any spoon bending stuff for ABC to cut. What are you talking about?

<Miriam> Penn have you ever used a dewar for the liquid nitrogen?

<Penn> Oh yeah, in Polly -- yeah, that was cut by me for time.

<JR> polyester didn't refer to you know who at all. Unlike the live version.

<Penn> We should have used a dewar, what we did was stupid and dangerous. We made a big mistake using pyrex.

<ctuna> Penn, ever get the chance to listen to Bubs' "MIDIevil" tape we gave ya?

<MsUnivac> How so? Educate me.

<Miriam> well, nobody got hurt.

<Penn> Yeah, I don't like to refer to him any more than I have to. Better let him be forgotten. In the live show I'm doing more setup.

<TellrChik> Penn: any chance we'll get to see the "Rubber Boy" bit in Philly?

<MsUnivac> Didn't Teller get splashed with some of that stuff?

<Penn> MIDIevil is still on my "to listen" shelf.

<Penn> thanks rachel.

<Maestro> Penn - is there any other approach I could use to pimp myself to you for an apprenticeship/job? Does tenacity count? How about for a higher purpose?

<ctuna> okie. Understood.

<Penn> We're doing Rubber Boy in Philly as long as my knees hold out.

<ctuna> She wants teller to hear it too. thanks!

<Dana777> What is rubber boy?

<TellrChik> Yeah!!

<Miriam> my hubby wants to know if it was the producer's idea to use pyrex instead...

<Maestro> Hi Tex...

<dymphna> hiya Tex

<PollyQ> Penn -- is that an ANALOG watch you're wearing? What gives?

<JR> rubber boy rocked here in seattle. As I said there, Penn "you the man"

<MsUnivac> Hey Penn - How do you and Teller sit in a room and decide on what's funny without killing each other?

<Falsto> Penn, I thought that was really funny how you guys dissed that guys shuffling abilities when you were on the beach for your special.

<JR> worth every penny of that quarter

<Miriam> rubber boy?! OH JEEZ I wish I could go.

<TellrChik> like i said miriam, i'll keep my eyes open for ya

<Skinnee> Penn, what is your favorite Rez album?

<TellrChik> i'll tell all about it when i return from the philly shows!!

<Joe-Buck> penn how come you never really tour canada

<Skinnee> any other favorite artists?

<PollyQ> Because it's too cold!

<MaxStyles> So who did the wonderful artwork for the polaroid tricks in the book?

<Miriam> Penn, what do you think of the latest TMJ cd. Cover of billy brags "new england"

<tgoddess> Rene French did the cartoons. She also decorated Penn's car at the Demo Derby.

<TellrChik> i knew it

<cinamin> hmmm...i thought i saw Penn a while ago cause it was 1988 or 89... hub says he saw him in 1985 first time in philly

<Nellie> I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Audrey and Sheryl for all their hard work in setting this up.

<MsUnivac> I'll try my snarky little question again...

<Skinnee> what is your favorite rez album and what other artists do you like?

<Penn> Okay, shoot again.

<Penn> I like 3rd Reich and Roll and Commercial most.

<JR> Penn, Thanks for the drunk driving chapter in 'traffic'. I used to think I was the freak for not ever touching alcohol.

<MsUnivac> I was surprised to learn you and Teller started out not liking each other. How long was it before you guys became friends?

<Penn> Never a sip. No drugs.

<JR> not me man. NEVER.

<Skinnee> other favorite artists?

<Joe-Buck> why is that penn?

<TellrChik> Penn, you are a man after my own heart!!!

<JR> No religion either.

<Joe-Buck> i can see why you don't do it on stage I mean doing magic you don't want to get drunk but..

<Dana777> Do you guys still do "blood"

<Skinnee> do you play video games penn? you seem the type to sit down with them

<ARTCHIK> you're welcome...when did I give you skeptic info? (refresh the noggin)

<Penn> No, I don't play video games. I'm not a big game guy. Occasional cribbage, but that's about it.

<ctuna> year ago or sent me the stuff to get the tape

<tgoddess> what is the oldest bit that's in the current show, penn?

<Rance> cribbage rocks... how about chess? granted, you'd probably take to stabbing someone with a rook

<Penn> Needles predates Teller and I meeting each other. It's older than you.

<MsUnivac> Yeah, really, Artchik

<ME> penn; do you have any favorite authors that you like to read?

<Penn> No, I know the rules of chess but I just lose.

<tgoddess> Yeah, like you know how old I am...

<MsUnivac> Yeah, when did you come across Nicholson Baker?

<JR> lol

<ctuna> hee!

<JR> go Is my game.

<Penn> I was turned on to Nick Baker by my senior adviser, LOD.

<Rachel> some things are older than you, ya know.

<Falsto> I love my Playstation

<tgoddess> The Mezzanine rocks.

<ctuna> dirt, for instance

<Penn> I've never used Playstation.

<ctuna> ::ducking again::

<MsUnivac> I'm reading that now, based on your rave in Reason, Penn

<TellrChik> computers are just becoming the way of the world

<Dana777> Penn, have you read Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynmen

<Skinnee> what about your sega cd game you made penn?

<ctuna> Penn, ever used a Bally-Astrocade? (OLD videogame)

<tgoddess> Is Tony Fitzpatrick's book still coming out in January?

<Penn> I knew Feynman. He was a big P&T fan. I worship him.

<Falsto> You should pick one up, it's a good time

<MsUnivac> Ooh, Fitzpatrick has a book coming out!

<Penn> Yeah, tony's book will be out soon, that's all I know.

<ARTCHIK> ooh, Fotzpatrick has a book coming up?

<JR> damn you knew him
<tgoddess> Yes, it'll be poetry.

<MsUnivac> Good, do you know who's publishing it, anyone?

<Dana777> He's awesome I'm reading his book right now

<ME> have to leave thx to everyone who made this happen tonight!

<ctuna> <-- talks too much anyway

<MsUnivac> Bye keet


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