Penn & Teller Links

Penn and Teller are all over the web but here are a few of my favorite sites. More sites will be added as I find them, and believe me I am always looking.

Two of the best sites on the web:


Photo by Anthony Loew,
from Penn and Teller's
"How to Play with Your Food"
The official webpage of the guys

The Infested Web:
Full of information, tour schedule etc.

Photo by Anthony Loew,
from Penn and Teller's
"How to Play With Your Food"

More "must see" sites:

Penn & Teller Cartoon
Courtesy of Rocktoons Image Library

NEW! Penn Jillette: Live from the Slammer An interview by Catherine Burns.

NEW! The Wired Bunch : Read about Penn's views about technology in this column from The New York Times on the Web.

NEW! World Juggling Day honors cheap, timeless form of entertainment Penn served as "honorary chairjuggler" for this event.

An interview with Penn in The Onion

An interview with Teller in The Onion

Runaway Technology Stuff

Penn & Teller Put a Dark Twisted Spin on Magic; Article from the Nando Times

Harris & The Predictor Interviews: A really GREAT interview with Penn from October 24, 1997.

Is This Your Card? Romping through traffic with Penn & Teller. A review of Penn & Teller's "How To Play In Traffic" by Jamy Ian Swiss.

First in series: 'Science' as viewed by Penn & Teller an interview with Penn by Misha Berson of The Seattle Times. Aug 97

The World According to Penn & Teller by Rose Aguilar for C/net 1996. A great interview with the guys, read what they think of comdex. See some great quicktime and Avi clips or listen to them with realaudio.

Computers, showbiz and Desi Arnaz: Penn Jillette shares his views.

People Online: Chat with Penn Jillette Hosted by People Magazine and Apple Computers.

Where is Ephraim these days?: Check out these behind the scenes photos of the guys' tour. Thanks for the shots, Ephraim!

"Penn & Teller are in a category all their own" An interview by Melina Neet.

This Time Teller Talks: Teller is interviewed by Joe Delaney of The Las Vegas Sun.

Agents of Cool:
When the guys won the cool site of the day award. Download the free
RealPlayer™ and listen to an interview with them! (well, ummmm with Penn)
Check out their newsgroup where the Technogoddess gives us all the scoop on the guys. Thanks Maggie!

Reviews of the Guy's LIVE show.

NEW! Too Twisted For Prime Time: Great comments by the guys are included in this review by Christopher Borrelli for ToledoBlade.Com.

NEW! Duo Not Taking Magic Too Seriously : A column by Michael Paskevich of NEON.

There's No Abracadabra in Penn & Teller's Act : A column by Kelly L. Carter, Free Press Staff Writer.

Conventional magic tricks not part of Penn & Teller's act: Another column by Michael Paskevich of NEON.

Penn + Teller: are we live?: An article in Imprint Online: Arts - November 21, 1997 By: Klaus Steden

The magic of Penn & Teller: edgy, ironic and fun by Janet I-Chin Tu Seattle Times theater critic

Some GREAT fan sites dedicated to the guys.

NEW! ATH Society for the Propagation of Teller #Mofo's TellerChick put together this wonderfully fun site

NEW! Anne's Penn & Teller Page A plethora of links, quizlets and fun by #Mofo's Nita.

NEW! Anne's Penn & Teller Movie Page : Where you can find links to almost every movie the guys have been in.

NEW! Penn & Teller's Musical Discography: Karryn's list of the guy's musical appearances.

Links to Cool Pics of The Guys

NEW! Paper Dragon Studios: Painting of Penn & Teller : Click on the link for Penn & Teller to see a wonderful painting by the talented artist Dennis P. McCann.

NEW! Photo of Penn teaching a youngster how to juggle: Penn served as "Chairjuggler" at the World Juggling Day festivities in Vegas on June 19, 1999.

NEW! Penn: Having a Ball :Teaching a camper how to Juggle.

NEW! Photo Gallery: Penn & Teller in Washington D.C. Photos by Eric Starkowicz.

The Late Show with David Letterman See some great screen captures of the guys chatting and performing on Letterman (scroll down the page) on the Late Show site.

Penn reading " What's Up Chuck"

Holly's (our TC) Cool Teller site, some GREAT pics of the guys

Very cute
charicature of the guys, nicely done.

Our JR with the guys:

Penn & Teller's ride in the "ultimate Taxi"

Penn & Lance Burton - Photo by Ethan Miller of the Las Vegas Sun.

Penn & Teller with Lance Burton - Photo by Ethan Miller of the Las Vegas Sun.

Some RAVE Reviews of the guy's variety show
"Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular"

TV REVIEW: Penn and Teller's TV variety is spicy and fun: By FRAZIER MOORE, The Associated Press for

GLUED TO THE TUBE / This Is Scary: New Laughs Imported for Prime Time!: A review by Diane Werts for the New York Newsday.

Sin'-sational! Penn & Teller revive and reinvent the TV variety how through their upcoming cable series 'Sin City Spectacular': By Scott Dickensheets of The Las Vegas Sun.

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