Do you want to get info about Penn & Teller in your e-mail? Would you like to be in a discussion with other Penn & Teller fans from around the world but you don't have the energy, time, or technical know-how to join us in the real IRC channel chat?

This is the page for you.

Join the Penn & Teller tightcircle. It is like a channel chat, but it happens in email. If you like email, you'll love this tightcircle stuff. A digest of the discussion arrives in your email as often as you like with messages from other Penn & Teller fans. If you want to respond, simply hit reply.

Fill in the fields in the form below and you're on your way. See you in tightcircle!

(If you don't want all the fan chatter, but you just want the official announcements from the Penn & Teller office, there is also an official SinCity tightcircle. You can join that by going here. This is the Official fan discussion tightcircle, that's the Official announcement tightcircle. You might want to join both. It's free.)


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