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Hmm...let's see..where to begin...

Well, my name says it all, I guess. I'm a huge fan of the "Bad Boys of Magic", Penn & Teller. They are quite a delight in person and their show ain't half bad either. I love both the guys, but am just a smidgen partial to Teller. Could you tell?

I'm a 23-yr. old returning college student (Journalism/Media Studies) who's short and proud of it. I just sort of stumbled upon #mofo and now they have adopted me as one of their own. My other interests include magic (of course), buying TOO many CD's, galavanting around my town acting generally unusual with my best pal, Kara, The Simpsons (Homer, in particular...he's my ideal husband, ya know!!), collecting Muffy VanderBears, following the old Rocky Horror trend, etc......

I like to receive e-mail, especially from interesting people..and if it has to do with Teller.... heeheehee. When I grow up, I plan on having some sort of career in the entertainment industry. But, that's a long way away.....

Feel free to drop me a line if ya ever want to chat about Penn & Teller, or just drop me a line if you've got some interesting news to say.... Or, you can visit the exciting home of my web page, All Things Holly. Look for a Teller website there in the near future!!

One last deep thought, join us at #mofo. We always have a good time and it's not just about P&T. We always lend an ear and are there, usually, Monday-Thursday after 8 PM EST....some of us hang around at other times...just try to catch us!!

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