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We have been very fortunate to have both Penn & Teller join us for chats in #Mofo. It is a great way to learn some interesting facts about them in an open (non-moderated) format. The chats are run just as any IRC channel chat, like a normal conversation. All comments are free, fast and fun. Both Penn & Teller were VERY gracious, open, honest and sharing. The chats make for a great read.

photo taken by Amy Hrizuk
Of course it takes a lot of work to set up and run a scheduled chat on a channel. I am lucky  in that I don't have to do the work alone. I have some incredibly wonderful ops who volunteered their services to ensure that these chats were a success. I want to thank them here, so all my thanks to Mayor, Jainiedoe, Tex, Jr and Tellerchik who helped ensure that everything ran smoothly. I also want to thank all my regs (you know who you are) for making it a pleasure to log onto #Mofo everyday.

A special thank you goes to Georgia L. Maher (who we know and love as TEX) for putting together and running the Teller chat. That chat would never have gone off without all her hard work and incredible typing skills.

I also must thank Penn & Teller for not only being wonderful performers but for being genuine, down-to-earth guys who are ALWAYS willing to go out of their way to make their fans happy. I think they are probably the only entertainers who REALLY like and respect their fans, it definitely shows. And of course none of this would never have been possible without Krasher who is a great guy and who also went out of his way to set these chats up.

Anyway, on to the chats! I hope that you enjoy them !

Hope to see YOU in #Mofo,


Penn's Chat: This chat was conducted with Penn on the evening of December 16, 1997 from his place in New York. Penn was directly online with us and was just wonderful.

Teller's chat: The following is a transcript of a chat with Teller that
took place on #Mofo on Wednesday, March 18th 1998. The chat was
conducted by Tex (Georgia Maher) she had Teller on the phone from his home in Vegas and she read the questions to him as they went up and typed all if his answers VERBATIM.

I must add that the chat ran as a free chat, there was no moderation.
BUT for ease of reading I DID edit the Teller chat slightly, putting the
questions and answers together. BUT, I did NOT remove any comments, all comments are there EXACTLY as they appeared during the chat.

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