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As a boy I loved the great fantasy adventure novels reprinted by Ace Books Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Cummings, Otis Adelbert Kline, Homer Eon Flint.... They were and are the epitome of fine writing.

But not all of the great fantasy from the teens and twenties of the last century has been reprinted or were reprinted in unacknowledged abridged, butchered editions. Beb Books is going back to the original pulp appearances of these great stories, OCRing the text directly from those pages to produce a true, accurate text, newly laid out in easy to read type, printed with cost mindful inkjet technology on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, side stapled, to make these great stories available again to a new generation of fans.

February 2010
Wings of Danger
Wings of Danger by Arthur A. Nelson
The Girl in the Golden Atom
The Girl In The Golden Atom and People of the Golden Atom
Fruit of the Lamp
Fruit of the Lamp by Victor Rousseau
Lost-Race Adventure in Deepest Africa!
I hate to announced books before they are ready for sale, just in case I never get around to finishing them. I started work on this story last summer, sent the pages out for proofreading. Got them back and never got around to making the corrections and finalizing the book. Until I saw an advanced announcement for this story from another publisher. You can bet I got the book finished that week!

Wings of Danger first appeared as a four part serial in Adventure , Jan thru Apr, 1915, and was published in hard cover later that same year by MacBride. Not much is known about the author, Arthur A. Nelson, except that appears to have been an American businessman, and that this was his only story. And what a story. It begins in the gold fields of South Africa, takes a detour through the second Zulu uprising, treks through the darkest parts of Africa before coming to a lost civilization of Vikings inside an extinct volcano. Love, lust, a stolen heritage and machine guns combine into a volitle mixture that explodes into a paroxysm of violence. Bloody good excitement, and it can be yours for just $8 plus postage.

Two Science Fiction Classics collected in one volume.
Ray Cummings' first published work was the classic SF adventure, The Girl in the Golden Atom . So popular was this story that the editors of All-Story Weekly asked for a sequel, and Cummings delivered a year later with People of the Golden Atom . These two stories were later edited together and published in hard cover as The Girl in the Golden Atom . But here are the two stories, as they originally appeared in All-Story Weekly . Two great science fictions for the low price of $8 plus shipping.

You think a Wall Street Investor in need of lots of money quickly would be happy to have Aladdin's Lamp with its magical djinni. You would be wrong.

Victor Rouseau, author of such thrilling classics as The Eye of Balamok and The Draft of Eternity turns to a light-comedy adventure with a tale of Aladdin's lamp and a djinni determined to get married. The trouble is Mervyn Westfield, already has a girlfriend he wants to marry, just as soon as he has enough money. But with a willful girl djinni determined to take his girlfriends place things get....complicated.

If you think this sounds suspiciously like "I Dream of Jeannie" you would be right. And yet this story appeared fifty years earlier as a four part serial in The Argosy, February 2, 9, 16 and 23rd, 1918. Some ideas, I guess are timeless! $5.00 plus postage.

July 2009
Avalon by Francis Stevens
Never Before Reprinted
The Fatal Gift
The Fatal Gift by George Allan England
Captives of the Temple
Captives of the Temple by Seward P. Hopkins
Never Before Reprinted
Piracy, kidnaping, murder, strange doings and stranger people inhabit a group of islands off the coast of the Carolinas in the Atlantic. Deeded to the Avalon family centuries ago by the King of England, things seem to be spinning out of control. A gothic novel in the ancient tradition yet set in modern day America. Avalon has never been reprinted since its original appearance as a four part serials in The Argosy August 16, 1919 to September 6, 1919

Can there be such a thing as too much beauty? Is the pursuit of physical perfection a threat, a challenge to God’s Domain? How far should one go? And in light of human frailty, can perfection ever be achieved? The Fatal Gift is George Allan England’s classic tale of scientists crossing the line into realms they were not meant to go! Reprinted from its original appearance in All-Story Weekly , September 4th, to September 25th, 1915

From the very beginning of the Pulp Era comes a novel of thrilling adventures on the Amazon with mutineers, treasure, beautiful women, befuddled scientists, a lost city of degenerate Spaniards and the mysterious Moon Orchid, whose fruit brings madness to all who eat it! A novel published in four parts in The Argosy from December 1899 to March, 1900.

July 2009
The Sinister Scourge
Secret Agent "X" #11 : The Sinister Scourge
Talons of Terror
Secret Agent "X" #14 : Talons of Terror
The Corpse Cavalcade
Secret Agent "X" #15 : The Corpse Cavalcade

The Sinister Scourge Drugs are flooding the city of New York, hidden in every imaginable material – cosmetics, toothpaste, headache powders. People are becoming addicts, desperate for more of the drug, willing to do anything to get more! Who could be importing all these drugs, and why are they, in effect, giving it away for free? Paul Chadwick conducts the terror.
Talons of Terror Men marked for death found with their throats torn open, their bodies drained of blood! What kind of monster could do such a thing and how can Secret Agent “X” prevent another devastating attack when he himself, as millionaire Elisha Pond, is one of those marked for death! The last of Emile C. Tepperman's Secret Agent "X" novels.
The Corpse Calvacade Counterfeit money! G. T. Fleming-Roberts debut novel.
Anywhere you look - the banks, businesses, retail stories may all be filled with bad money. What goal is the Seven Gang seeking to accomplish by flooding the city with bad money? Only by infiltrating the tightly controlled gang, where discover means sudden death, can Secret Agent “X” hope to stem the flood of bad money before the city dissolves into total panic!


Servants of the Skull
Secret Agent "X" #9 : Servants of the Skull
Curse of the Waiting Death
Secret Agent "X" #12 : Curse of the Waiting Death
Devils of Darkness
Secret Agent "X" #13 : Devils of Darkness

The Winter months brought with it a lethergy that's been had to kick. While still busy preparing books for reprinting we have been less than diligent about updating these web pages.

In April we brought out three additional titles in our Secret Agent "X" reprint project. First up is the ninth story in the series, Servants of the Skull, The second of four stories written by Emile C. Tepperman. The Skull is threatening the millionaires of the city with a ghastly "death" by mental retardation. Secret Agent "X" tried to infiltrate the Skull's lair by impersonating only to find himself locked in a subterranean labyrinth up as tight as any prison. Can the Agent escape, can he resce Betty Dale from the Skull's scheme? Can he unmask this diabolical mastermind? Find out in this novel of claustrophic suspense.

Next is Curse of the Waiting Death by Paul Chadwick writing as Brant House. Criminals was running wild in the city, robbing stores at will. Why are the Police laying off this heinous activity? What power holds all but the Secret Agent helpless? A series of super-bombs have been hidden all across the city, set to blow the city to kingdom come if the police interferes with these robberies. It is up to the Agent to find, not only the bombs but the mastermind behind all this.

Finally, we have Devils of Darkness , also by Paul Chadwick. The Secret Agent received a panicky call from one of his agents, Jim Hobart, with news of a daring and inexplicable crime-- someone turned off the sun and robbed a bank in the resulting darkness! How does one turn off the sun like that, and why do the robbers use steel-tipped whips to drive the blinded people about in the bank. Only someone of great inventive genius and greater cruelty could behind this. One of the more interesting scientifically stories in the series.

Draft of Eternity
Draft of Eternity by Victor Rousseau.
The Hooded Hordes
The Hooded Hordes by Brant House.
Faceless Fury
Faceless Fury by Brant House.

April, 2008
For the Windy City Pulp and Paperback show, held in - - -Chicago, Beb Books was able to premiere three new reprints.

First we have Draft of Eternity by Victor Rouseau, reprinted from June 1918 issues of All-Story Weekly. Draft begins in a New York City sanatarium for rare mental illnesses where one of the doctor is given an overdose of a strong drug that causes him to pre-live the events centuries from now when New York is in ruins, Mongols control the city and is the illegimate son of Og, the king. Came he survive the plots of rival Prince Yuri and claim his heritage, will he fulfil the prophecy of freeing the enslaves white race, will he win the hand of the woman he loves? Or must he lose all before winning everything?

The story is a literal page-turning, fast moving, engaging and unpredictable. I'm tempted to call this a work of swords and sorcery, even though there is no wizardry involved because it feels so much something Robert E. Howard might have written, or at least surely have enjoyed.

Continuing our Secret Agent "X" reprint program we present two further volumes, "The Hooded Hordes, number eight in the series, and Faceless Fury, the twenthy-fifth thrilling "X" adventures.

In "The Hooded Hordes" an army of masked men threatened the nation. They claim to be the "Defenders of the American Constitution (DOAC) but "X" suspects that they are being fooled by a sinister mastermind whose goals are not to help the jobless and downtrodden but massive personal wealth, but can even the Man of a Thousand Faces penetrate the close ordered ranks of the DOAC?

The "Faceless Fury" is a huge man, face wrapped in bandages leaving a trail of bodies, faces burned down to the bone, clutching a child's wooden block with a single letter on it. Why are he killing these people. How is he killing these people. What weird message is he trying to spell out with these wooden blocks? It's going to take all of Secret Agent "x's" cleverness to fit out this puzzle.

Januaury, 2008
Updating the site, fixing some links.

July, 2007
I have been a regular attendee at Pulpcon for many years. Between Windy City and Pulpcon I was able to finish six more book, making 2007 my most productive year, yet. This includes three more issues of Secret Agent "X" and three vintage adventure / fantasy novels.

The Secret Agent "X" titles are"

The Torture Trust -- Secret Agent "X" #1, February, 1934
Men with skulls for faces — these were the victims of that terrible trio who met in a hidden room. And Secret Agent “Z” went against them, daring the bottled torment of their deaf-mute slaves. In a desperate battle of wits at the gateway of destruction.

City of the Living Dead -- Secret Agent "X" #5, June? July?, 1934
Behind the white fangs of escaped jungle beasts lurked an unseen but hideous menace. A menace that made cravens of men and women — sending them cringing to their shuttered home under the brutal lash of Fear in the City of the Sleeping Death. And back of the terror of a dread epidemic, Secret Agent “X” glimpsed the shadow of a criminal plot more horrible than any he had ever known.

Octopus of Crime -- Secret Agent "X" #7, September, 1934
Tentacles of terror reached over the country, spreading like a hideous blight through the cities of America. The underworld, welded together under the secret symbol of a monster of crime, was organized as never before. And Secret Agent “X”, master man-hunter, went up against a genius of crime who stooped even to the ghastly horrors of medieval torture.

If I can maintain a pace of eight novels reprinted a year I should be able to reprint the entire series in the next four years.

Click Here to see a list of all our in-print Secret Agent "X" books.

Vintage Fantasy and Adventures Reprints

Fang Tung, Magician by H. Bedford-Jones
All-Story Weekly August 2nd, 1919
An American journalist is set on the trail of a Chinese revolutionary who, it is claimed, can perform true works of magic. How can Western Civilization prevent Fang Tung’s bloody civil war when their every step is thwarted by — magic! Perhaps the secret lies with a woman....
xx pgs. $5

The Curse of Capistrano 1st Zorro adventure by Johnston McCulley
The first of the many adventures of Zorro. It appeared as a five part serial in All-Story Weekly, from August 9, 16, 23, 30, Sept 6, 1919. Don Diego De La Vega lives a double life as he tried to rights the wrongs of a corrupt government in Old California.

The Labrynth by Francis Stevens
An heiress is kidnaped leading her cousin and her fiancee on a quest to rescue her only to end up with kidnaper, rescuers and victim trapped in an underground labyrinth created by a madman bent on revenge against a hated rival. As they tried to find their way out they are forced to confront their own varied and conflicting emotions. The Labrynth appeared as a three part serial in All-Story Weekly, July 27, Aug 3, Aug 10, 1918.

May, 2007

I attended my first Windy City Pulp and Paperback Show this year. Had a good time, sold a few books. I brought three new Secret Agent "X" with my to the show.. I hope to have a couple more ready for Pulpcon later in July as well as a number of vintage adventure stories from the pages of All-Story Weekly

New for the Windy City show were:

The Spectral Strangle -- Secret Agent "X" #2, March, 1934.
Silent, horrible as the crushing coils of a serpent were those unseen fingers that blotted out men's lives. A criminal of satanic proportions had risen — the "Black Master," whose victims fall with livid, hideous faces and protruding rongues that seemed a ghastly mockery of the fate they had suffered. Along this terrible murder trail Secret Agent "X" gambled with the Dice of Death. 72 pg. $5.00

Ambassador of Doom -- Secret Agent "X" #4, May, 1934.
A master of evil came to the nation's capital. A green-masked ambassador from Hell's own legation, followed by a horrible horde versed in the poison torments of the Far East! Even the police who sought th trap him did not guess that ghastliness of his real motive. That remained for Secret Agent "X" to discover as he prowled through a dark and sinister labyrinth of Washington espionage. 81 pg. $5.00

Hand of Horror -- Secret Agent "X" #6, August, 1934
A metropolis writhed in the cluth of horror's hand. The mightiest of the mighty fled in stark terror before its groping fiendish fingers. And it's wake was a trail of macabre milestones, marking the way with bloated dead. One man —alone, unaided—followed in that awesome wake. He was that enigma of enigmas, the Man of a Thousand Faces -- Secret Agent "X." 71 pg $5.00.

Click Here to see a list of all our in-print Secret Agent "X" books.

August, 2006

I brought nine new Beb Books titles to Pulpcon this year. Four of them were Secret Agent X novels I had announced at the Windy City Pulp Show (via flyers). The others were vintage adventures from All- Story magazine that Kevin Cook had lent me for the express purpose of reprinting. A few thoughts about each.

The Fear Merchants was the last story series creater Paul Chadwick, wrote for the series. This is about an arson/insurance fraud ring. It features the two separate detective agencies the Agent had by then sponsored. This is kind of like The Shadow's many agents, and a logical development of the secret agent idea, since he clearly needs more "boots on the ground" to help him track down these master criminals. Again a lot of time is spent trying to find leads to the case. And here there's the added problem of the agent's girlfriend being framed from one of the arson jobs.

The Murder Monster was one of only four stories that Emile C Tepperman wrote. Here a group of young college graduates, heirs to comfortable fortunes look for kicks in crime but freeing a gang of criminals and turning them into will-less drones. But then one in the group turns on the others and it's a race to save them from....the murder monster. The story seems more scattershot than Chadwick's but still is involved and makes the agent work for the solution much the way Chadwick did in his stories.

City of Madness is one of G. T. Fleming-Roberts's stories. It's much later in the series. The crime is more espionage oriented. There's more of a romance between the Agent and his girlfriend and between the Agent's agent and the femme fatale in this story. The action is more headlong with one convenient lead after another falling in the Agent's lap. I suspect that the things that I like best about Secret Agent X were things that most people liked least about him.

All Beb Books are printed on 8.5" x 11" paper using economical inkjet technology and stapled on the side, to provide you with thrilling adventures from yesterday at a low, low affordable price.

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