Stories by J. U. Geisy

J.U.Geisy's career started when he proclaimed, after reading some story, "I can write as well as that!" and proceeded to write an enormous amount of fiction between the teens and the 30s. He is, perhaps, best known for the long series of novellas and novels about the pychic and detective, Semi-Dual, written in collaboration with Junnus B. Smith. Geisy collaborated with several other authors as well as writing fiction on his own.
Palos of the Dog Star Pack
The Palos trilogy is perhaps Geisy's most ambitious solo effort, beginning in the July 13, 1918 issue of All-Story Weekly. and runninmg for five parts. Palos tells the story of Jason Croft, a young American, an occultist, who astro-projects himself to an earth-like planet orbiting the distant star, Sirius, (the Dog Star, hence the title). There he finds a iron-age civilization and the most beautiful women of two worlds. A women he instantly recognizes as his soul twin. But she's about to be parceled off to a degenerate king in a desperate attempt to prevent a war. Can Jason Croft save her from a fate - literally - worse than death and save her world from war?

Palos is deeply indebted to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian stories, but where John Carter projects himself body and all to Mars, Geisy's Jason Croft only projects his spirit. Finding a body so he can have a physical presence on Palos is one of the many challenges Croft has to overcome.

The Mouthpiece of Zitu
A sequel appeared the next year beginning with the July 5th, 1919 issue of All-Story Weekly , again running for five installments. In all three serials the story opens and closes with narration from a director of a Mental Hospital, an unknown named western state, presumably, Utah. In the first the doctor had treated Croft when his housekeeper thought he had collapsed into a trance. Palos ends with Croft allowing his earthly body to die so he could live forever on Palos. The second serial opens when a new patient at the hospital opens his eyes and addressed the doctor by name. It is Croft returned to Earth to research a solution to new problems facing his new world. He has possessed the body of a dying addict to gain a physical presence on Earth.

Croft had defeated his enemies in the first book by building a number of machines familiar on Earth but unknown on Palos - like Cars, rifles and so on. His enemies have recovered and are inciting a third nation into war against Croft's adopted county. He needs now to invent more gadget to defeat them, principally an aeroplane.

Jason, Son of Jason
In the third and final novel, serialized in Argosy-All-Story Weekly beginning April 16, 1921, pushes the story yet further with Croft introducing yet more modern devices into this iron-age world. His enemies, reduced to a crazed frenzy. have kidnaped his wife and child (the Jason of the title) and demand that he turn over the plans for all his inventions.

In this story Croft invites his doctor friend to Astro-project to Palos and actually witness events but also to console and advice him because these events are so personal that Croft is unable to think straight.

Palos is a richly imagined world with an extensive history and politics, where events derive from the forces of history. It has a well detailed culture and mythology. It is both "in the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs' and uniquely it's own created world as richly and fully detailed as anything Burroughs ever conceived.

The stories can be purchaed individually for $5 each or as a set for $15.

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Palos of the Dog Star Pack

The Mouthpiece of Zitu

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