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The Domino Lady
by Lars Anderson

The Domino Lady is pulpdoms only women series character to star in her own magazine. Ellen Patrick was orphaned by the murder of her D.A. father. She has vowed to find who was responsible and put them away, in the meantime she uses her detective skills to help other women in trouble. Dressed only in a white halter dress and a small domino mask Ellen Patrick becomes the stuff of nightmares to crookdom. The Domino Lady appeared in six short novelets. These stories have been collected from their hard to find original pulps into an single, affordable volume.
Fan Boy's Compliments- The Collected Domino Lady.
60 pages - $5.00

The Runaway Skyscraper, The Mad Planet and The Red Dust:
Three SF Novellas by Murray Leinster
It's hard to appreciate how much science fiction was written before Amazing Stories. Murray Leinster, one of science fiction's most prolific writers, wrote these stories between 1919 and 1921 for Argosy magazine. While a bit quaintand unpolished by Leinster's later standard, in these stories you will find the same cleverness we have come to expect from him.

An earthquake sends a New York Skyscraper sliding along a fault, only it's a fault through time, not space, carrying with it the thousands of people working there. One of those, an architect, retains his composure and wrestles with a series of practical issues, like finding food to feed the thousands trapped in the past with him, and how to reverse the effect and return the skyscraper back to the present. This is the same sort of quiet, practical man you find in somuch of Leinster's later fiction.

In "The Mad Planet" and its sequel, "The Red Dust", Earth has been devastated by massive releases of carbon dioxide from deep within the Earth. 30,000 years later the planet is rules by giant insects and Man is a timid band of ignorant savages. One of those savages, Burl, is forced by circumstances, to think and by discovering weapons and tools may have started Man's return. Rich in challenging situations, these are wonderfully imagined stories with compelling characters.

These stories have reprinted several times in various magazines and anthologies but this is the first time they were reprinted together in one place.

85 pages, $5.00

The Moon Pool and Conquest of the Moon Pool
by A. Merritt

A. Merritt was one of the seminal writers according to earlySF fans and its early to see why reading these two stories.

The Moon Pool , is structured as pure fantasy. Dr. Walter Goodwin, a botanist doing research in the South Pacific is amazed to find a friend and colleague, Dr. Throckmartin onboard the same steamer as he. He vaguely recalls that a mystery surrounds Throckmartin. He had left with his young wife, an assistant of about his wife's age and his wife's old nanny, to study the ancient ruins of Ponepe. Later Throckmartin was found, alone, on a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. Rumor had it that Throckmartin had killed his in a jealous rage but the story he tells Goodwin is stranger by. They had found an entrance into an underground world ruled by a being of energy called "The Shining One" who steals the souls of anyone it can. It had, one by one, carried off his companions and only he had escaped. But, Throckmartin exclaims, the beast pursues himself. Something knows Goodwin out and when he recovers Throckmartin is -- gone!

In "Conquest of the Moon Pool Dr. Goodwin returns to Ponape to mount a rescue of Dr. Throckmartin. During his voyage (this is during WWI and a German sub dogs their trail) he picks up a Swedish sailor named Huldrickson, whose wife and daughter has been carriedby the malevolent "Shining One," and an Irish airman named Larry O'Keefe. They gain entrance to the Moon Pool and find there a vast underground world inhabited by humans, sub-humans and god-like creatures from the dawn of time, whose sin was to create "Dweller." Larry O'Keefe soon finds himself the center of a conflict between two women, Yolara, the Voice of the Shining One and Latka, handmaiden to the Silent Ones, the vastly ancient intelligences, Which ever woman wins O'Keefe's love will determine the future of the Earth.

Conquest of the Moon Pool is an astonishingly fresh and thorough novel of science fiction, quite at odds with the tone of The Moon Pool and yet following directly one from that tale. Merritt quickly edited the two stories together for book publication. But for the first time here are the two stories as they originally appeared, uncut and unabridge. 165 pages, $10.00

The Eye of Balamok
by Victor Rousseau

In the Outback of Western Australia is a vast desert sprinkled with few oases. At one such Oasis, if you should be lucky enough to survive to find it, is a old rough shack and in side it is a manuscript, scattered now by uninterested visited. If you should read that manuscript you will learn of the incredible adventure an earlier visitor to this oasis had. For back of this spring is a tunnel that leads far, far underground, to a hollow world at the center of the earth, a vast carvern illuminated by a star-like orb called The Eye of Balamok. Naturally, in such a world there is a beautiful princess, exiled from her throne by a usurper and an evil head priest. A prophecy seems to suggest that the man is fated to lead a revolt to restore her to the throne and claim her as his bride. He leads the rebellion. They fight. They win, they lose. He ends up back on the surface waiting for the chance to be reunited with his princess.

The Eye of Balamok obviously owes a lot to Burroughs' Pellucidar stories, but also to Merritt's Conquest of the Moon Pool which appeared only the year before. But it is its own story, with lots of action, inventive dangers, diabolical death machines and stretches of some truly fine prose.
57 pages, $5.00

Draft of Eternity Draft of Eternity
by Victor Rouseau

Reprinted from June 1918 issues of All-Story Weekly, Draft of Eternity begins in a New York City sanatarium for rare mental illnesses where one of the doctor is given an overdose of a strong drug that causes him to pre-live the events centuries from now when New York is in ruins, Mongols control the city and is the illegimate son of Og, the king. Came he survive the plots of rival Prince Yuri and claim his heritage, will he fulfil the prophecy of freeing the enslaves white race, will he win the hand of the woman he loves? Or must he lose all before winning everything?

The story is a literal page-turning, fast moving, engaging and unpredictable. I'm tempted to call this a work of swords and sorcery, even though there is no wizardry involved because it feels so much something Robert E. Howard might have written, or at least surely have enjoyed.

H. Bedford-Jones

A previously unreprinted story from the pages of All-Story Weekly , this novella, set in modern China tells of the struggles by the British Secret Service and an American newspaperman to stop the threat of a rebellion lead by a man who seems capable of committing actual acts of magic. Where did Fang Tung learn these incredible powers of "mass hypnosis?" And why, with all his power, does he seem to be afraid of one English missionary girl? Can the newspaperman and the girl find Fang Tung's hidden stronghold and strike there to end his evil? A colorful and exotic tale from the master of adventure.

55 pages - $5.00

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