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1. The Torture Trust
2. The Spectral Stranglers
3. The Death-Torch Terrors
4. Ambassador of Doom
5. City of the Living Dead
6. Hand of Horror
7. Octopus of Crime
8. The Hooded Hordes
9. Servants of the Skull
10. The Murder Monster
11. The Sinister Scourge
12. Curse of the Waiting Death
13. Devils of Darkness
14. Talons of Terror
15. The Corpse Cavalcade
16. The Golden Ghoul
17. The Monarch of Murder
18. Legion of the Living Dead
19. Horde of the Damned
20. Ringmaster of Doom
21. Kingdom of Blue Corpses
22. Brand of the Metal Maiden
23. Dividends of Doom
24. The Fear Merchants
25. The Faceless Fury
26. Subterranean Scourge
27. The Doom Director
28. City of Madness
29. Horror's Handclasp
30. Death's Frozen Formula
31. The Murder Brain
32. Slaves of the Scorpion
33. Satan's Syndicate
34. The Assassin's League
35. Plague of the Golden Death
36. Curse of the Mandarin's Fan
37. Claws of the Corpse Cult
38. The Corpse That Murdered
39. Curse of the Crimson Horde
40. Corpse Contraband
41. Yoke of the Crimson Coterie
Secret Agent "X" reprints from Beb Books
Through the help of some good friends we have photocopies of all 41 tales of Secret Agent "X." As time permitts we plan to reprint these stories in affordable single issue volumes priced a mere $5 each. Stories are set in new type, with all footnotes and original art included, printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with affordable laserjet technology.

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The Torture Trust
Secret Agent "X" #1
February, 1934
Men with skulls for faces — these were the victims of that terrible trio who met in a hidden room. And Secret Agent “X” went against them, daring the bottled torment of their deaf-mute slaves. In a desperate battle of wits at the gateway of destruction.
63 pages - $5.00

The Spectral Strangle Secret Agent "X" #2
March, 1934.
Silent, horrible as the crushing coils of a serpent were those unseen fingers that blotted out men's lives. A criminal of satanic proportions had risen -- the "Black Master," whose victims fall with livid, hideous faces and protruding rongues that seemed a ghastly mockery of the fate they had suffered. Along this terrible murder trail Secret Agent "X" gambled with the Dice of Death.
72 pages - $5.00

Death-Torch Terror
Secret Agent "X" #3
Apr, 1934

Death hurled a ghastly challenge at Secret Agent "X." A torch of terror burned above Doom's table where they played. And Charred, unsightly corpses were the jackstraws dealt him by the grim gamester's boney hand.
69 pages - $5.00

Ambassador of Doom
Secret Agent "X" #4 May, 1934.
A master of evil came to the nation's capital. A green-masked ambassador from Hell's own legation, followed by a horrible horde versed in the poison torments of the Far East! Even the police who sought th trap him did not guess that ghastliness of his real motive. That remained for Secret Agent "X" to discover as he prowled through a dark and sinister labyrinth of Washington espionage.
80 pages - $5.00

City of the Living Dead
Secret Agent "X" #5 June, 1934
Behind the white fangs of escaped jungle beasts lurked an unseen but hideous menace. A menace that made cravens of men and women — sending them cringing to their shuttered home under the brutal lash of Fear in the City of the Sleeping Death. And back of the terror of a dread epidemic, Secret Agent “X” glimpsed the shadow of a criminal plot more horrible than any he had ever known.
71 pages - $5.00

Hand of Horror
Secret Agent "X" #6 August, 1934
A metropolis writhed in the cluth of horror's hand. The mightiest of the mighty fled in stark terror before its groping fiendish fingers. And it's wake was a trail of macabre milestones, marking the way with bloated dead. One man -- alone, unaided -- followed in that awesome wake. He was that enigma of enigmas, the Man of a Thousand Faces -- Secret Agent "X." 70 pages - $5.00

Octopus of Crime
Secret Agent "X" #7 September, 1934
Tentacles of terror reached over the country, spreading like a hideous blight through the cities of America. The underworld, welded together under the secret symbol of a monster of crime, was organized as never before. And Secret Agent “X”, master man-hunter, went up against a genius of crime who stooped even to the ghastly horrors of medieval torture. 82 pages - $5.00

The Hooded Hordes
Secret Agent "X" #8 Oct., 1934
With boiling lead that stilled men’s tongue, and bombs that mangled human bodies, the hooded hordes threatened America. Their power was spreading from State to State like a hideous blight. Their spies seemed everywhere—and against this dread secret society went the Man of a Thousand Faces, into a danger that even he did not foresee. 84 pages - $5.00

Servants of the Skull
Secret Agent "X" #9 Nov, 1934
From the macabre maze of a labyrinthian world, the Skull, master of murder, reached out and destroyed the brains of mighty financiers. Money kings were his meat. And the law could not protect them. ... Only one man could match brains with the sinister Skull— and that man was Secret Agent "X." But the Skull did not fear "X." For "X"—the Man of a Thousand Facet, a thouand personalities, a thousand tricks—had one vulnerable spot. And the Skull knew where it lay. 73 pages - $5.00

The Murder Monster
Secret Agent "X" #10
December, 1934
A panic-stricken city shrank in horror from these death-dealing robots who were immune to bullets. On Secret Agent "X" dared meet the challenge of these inhuman fiends and their master, The Murder Monster, whose pointed finger turned men and women into flaming agony.
68 pages - $5.00

The Sinister Scourge
Secret Agent "X" #11
Jan., 1935
Unseen, horrible as the tightening coils of some spectral serpent, the dope ring worked Those who betrayed its secrets died in the agonies of the green hued poison death. Those who served it became sweating, shattered slaves. And Agent "X" dared both death and slavery to fight the sinister scourge!
77 pages - $5.00

Curse of the Waiting Death
Secret Agent "X" #12
Feb, 1935
Satan's signals! Those were the lights that gleamed above a bandit pack. Death's own will-o'-the-wisps, with the power of an unseen curse behind them—a curse that made the police stand off, and made Secret Agent "X" pledge himself to battle on the volcano brink of destruction!
67 pages - $5.00

Devils In Darkness
Secret Agent "X" #13 Mar, 1935
Black as night, black as hell itself, the “devil-dark” descended upon a fear-crazed populace! Man and women shrieked in agony beneath the lash of bloody, torturing whips. The mangled bodies of innocent children lay in the street, while human fiends emptied the city of its wealth. And into this chaotic and hideous fog of darkness went Secret Agent “X” to wage a life-and-death battle with unseen criminals!.
62 pages - $5.00

Talons of Terror
Secret Agent "X" #14 April, 1935
In ten days there were ten murders. Bestial terror talons ripped the heart and soul from a city—as they ripped life from its civic monarchs. And in the funeral wake of these awesome claws lay the dried, bloodless husks of what once were men. The Grim Reaper stalked the city with a handful of horror. Alone, bucking this mad march to the grave, was Secret Agent “X”—the Man of a Thousand Faces. Countless times had “X” manhunted murderers. But never before had his trail carried him up a corpse-runged ladder of human husks.
55 pages - $5.00

The Corpse Cavalcade
Secret Agent "X" #15 May, 1935
Seven corpse-faced denizens of doom swept down on the Suburban Trust. Red-tongued machine guns blasted the way for their scavenger-like leader. But that leader did an amazing thing. He brought money into the bank. And leaving it there, he disappeared with his buzzard brood. . . . Secret Agent "X," the Man of a Thoutand Facet, the lone-wolf scourge of the underworld, had but one trail to follow. And that trail led to a gruesome gibbet—where the law and the lawless matched murder for his life. 65 pages - $5.00

Brand of the Metal Maiden
Secret Agent "X" #22, January, 1936
A music master was the Emperor Zero — master of murder music. For his pupils danced a mad rhythm into the grave. Young people they were, but as they danced they aged—years in seconds. Young faces became furrowed with the mark of time. Their hair became as white as frost. Mummies they became—in silks and satins, and modern dinner coats. ... Secret Agent X hurled his crime-crushing organizations against the Emperor Zero. But Agent X found himself enmeshed in the hilarious dance to hell. 46 pg. $5.00.

The Fear Merchants
Secret Agent "X" #24, March, 1936.
Flame demons swept across the city. And in their scorching wake came a new horror. The firemen fighting the vast inferno suddenly toppled from their ladders, their shrieks piercing the blazing roar. For when those firefighters struck the pavement they were distorted, bloated husks . . . . Secret Agent X was at that fire. But his manhunt was blocked by a barrier of the bloated dead.
55 pg. $5.00

Faceless Fury
Secret Agent "X" #25, Apr, 1936
From the mysterious private room in the sanitarium, the Faceless Man emerged to spread a terror trail through a metropolis. Secret Agent “X” and his crime-fighting organization battled to stop the hideous murder march. The Agent could duplicate any human face. But here — there was no face to duplicate.
53 pages - $5.00

City of Madness
Secret Agent "X" #28
October, 1936
Secret Agent X knew that the destiny of millions of honest people rested in his judgment of a beautiful but crafty woman. And all the Agent's plans fell to pieces when his most important confederate, Harvey Bates, rebelled against orders. For Bates insisted that Charlotta, the glamorous and powerful spy of old, was incapable of any evil. 47 pages - $5.00.