Directions to the cabin   map of the tract

On U.S. Highway 395, turn east at the Toms Place turnoff (24 miles north of Bishop, 16 miles south of Mammoth) to Owens Gorge Road.
Follow Owens Gorge Road for 1.4 miles, winding through the Sunny Slope tract of homes. When you see the first dirt road on the left - High Road - you're in Pine Glade Tract. Continue on Gorge Road another .3 mile; at the second dirt road, Dry Trail, make a left.  Go about 60 yards until you come to a split in the road; at the Caution Children Playing sign (below), take the left fork.

Go another 50 yards, to the fork in the road; you'll be facing the Cross Road sign on the left. Take the right fork (follow Allan in the picture below):

That puts you on Quail Run. Ours is the second cabin on the left, cabin 31.

cabin home     progress continues

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