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Tenerife picture of a Basket of Baubles by Katie Avram.

Colorful Gourd Vessel by Katie Avram.

Basket Tenerife
Katie Avram

Gourd Flowers
Katie Avram


Collection Plates by Deb Gring


Plaited Birch Bark Basket by Pam Woodbury.

Birch Bark Makuk by Pam Woodbury

Birch Bark Baskets
Pam Woodbury

Woodburned Gourd with coiling by Geb Gring.

Deb Gring

"Knotted Two" by Carol Antrim

"Knotted One" by Carol Antrim.

Knotted Baskets By Carol Antrim
Waxed Cotton


Rib style basket wuth Bbranch handle by Gail Caron.

"River Mist" 

Birch Branch Basket
By Gail Caron


Coiled Pine Needle Basket by Carol Miller Antler Basket by Carol Miller

Ken's Pine Needle Basket
Carol Miller

An Antler as Feet Basket
Carol Miller



Antler Basket by Deb Gring Antler Basket by Kim Renich
First Antler Basket
Deb Gring
First Antler Basket 
Kim Renich.


"Red Mountain"  Coiled pine needles on gourd.

"Prairie Grass"  Twisted weaving of rattan.

"Red Mountain"
Ruth Andre

Coiled pine needles on gourd.

"Prairie Grass"
 Ruth Andre

Ruth calls this twisted weaving.


Birch Bark Basket by Nora Voss.
Birch Bark Vessel with LeatherTrim  
Made for grandson, 
though it is perfect for holding pine needles.
 by Nora Voss

Pine needle basket by Nora Voss.
Small Pine Needle Basket 

Employing the Tenerife method and
embellished with pheasant feathers and conch.

By Nora Voss



Antler Basket by Pam Woodbury.
Antler Basket
Pam Woodbury


Rib Style Easter Baskets by Susan Tripp.

Ribbed wall pocket with antler embelishment by Kathy Wilson.

“Easter Eggs”
by Susan Tripp.

The ribbons are woven into the basket

Ribbed Wall Pocket
with Antler
By Kathy Wilson


Bark Basket by Deb Curtis.

This Birch Bark Basket By Deb Curtis is titled
"Different Points of View."
It was in the Handweavers Guild of America's show
 Small Expressions and was in Aesthetics '98 in Kansas.

More of Deb Curtis' Basketry Art

Baslets by Deb Curtis.

Antler basket by Deb Conness

Antler Basket by Deb Conness
"Basket was made after a Jill Choate
 Antler Basket "


More pictures of baskets in the Traditional Gallery.






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