Midwest Basketry Focus

An alternative conference in Southern Indiana 


Carol Antrim and Pat Moritz were the two VBGers at Focus again this year and we didn't get pictures of either.  But what the heck, we came to make baskets!

Knotted Shallow Basket Wire and Fire  

A creative basket in Sekijima Hisako's class.


The baskets of Andris Lapins


In the Packages as Vessels class.


From the Asian Influence class.  

Cashe and Carry class.


Time in a Bottle class.
Latvian Base for a Round Basket class. Tree who Talks class. Cashe and Carry class.
Twill Play in Ash class.  


Asian Influence class and Packaging classes.


Cherry Staved Bowl class. Asian Influence class.  

Wish Necklace class.


Tree who Talks.  



Asian Influence and Packaging classes.



Twill Play in Ash.

Time in a Bottle.

Cherry Staved Bowl.

Twill Play in Ash.

Cashe and Carry.

Some Baskets in the Exhibit Room.


More Baskets in the Exhibit Room.



We were disappointed to hear there will be no Midwest Basketry Focus in 2001.  Judy and Lou are going to take a year off but they promise to be back - bigger and better - in 2002.  Looking forward to it!


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  Midwest Basketry Focus/Winter Weave /
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Receiving our charter

Our members have more activities planned...Please come back.






What “weave” been doing.

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