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Daniel in his canoe Daniel Nye... 8/2/43...  "Married with four children from 12 to 30.  Retired psychologist specializing in young adults (that is right--teenagers).  I have been making baskets for ten years and pounding ash for twelve.  Initially, I was taught by several anishinabe makers (Ojibwe and Odawa).  More recently I have been influenced by reading works by John McGuire and Shareen LaPlantz  and instructions written by our own Susi Nuss.  However, I prefer to explore on my own; I am both stubborn and learn better that way.  I make all my own materials, molds, jigs, fixtures and many of my tools.  At present I make black ash baskets, bark makaks and bark canoes.  I have spent my entire life studying in the woods and  have started Cedar Savage Woodcraft in order to market my wares."


Donna Weber Donna Weber...8/20/61..charter member...Elmira, New York. Traditional reed baskets, teaches, and owns DWBaskets. President of the Virtual Basketmakers and Hostess of our Chatroom...

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Susan Tripp
(8/25/64) Lives in upstate NY near Cornell University with hubby and two four  legged kids. Works a full time job as a personal assistant, freelances as a desktop publisher, works a huge vegetable garden in the spring/summer, cans everything in the fall, and weaves every spare minute after that. Used to demonstrate and show baskets every weekend, but now just does a select few and mostly sells through phone and web orders. Member FLBG.
Susan Tripp

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Diane Begeman and hubby. Diane Begeman AKA heart...9/17/58...charter member...Lives in Southeast Michigan, 30 minutes south of Ann Arbor. Has been weaving for 11 years. Teaches once a year to 20 children at church camp. A group of 5 ladies get together at her house every Monday to weave. “My oldest son calls us ‘the hens’.” Sells some of her baskets at a small shop in a town near her home

Kathy Westphal...9/27...Saginaw Michigan. Has “two teen daughters (17 & 18 ) and a wonderful Husband named Randy. All of whom have NO interest in baskets!” Has been weaving 3 years, mostly with reed, finds naturals fascinating, but, “I tried an Antler basket once, not for me.”... Belongs to the AMB and Thumbweavers and Tri-County- Basketweavers Guilds. “With the guilds I am lucky to be surrounded by the best of the best. The knowledge I gain from them is priceless, and I'm sure they have played a big part in my love of weaving. (thanks Pam!)” Also meets weekly with a group of about ten gals to weave, learn from each other, attack difficult baskets together and have a ball figuring them out! Now meets biweekly with the VBG...“Thanks to all you ladies who put this great group together!”

Pam Woodbury ...AKA PamW...10/2/49...charter member...Birch Run, Michigan. Has made baskets 11 years, mostly Traditional Reed, but now “getting into” Antler Art Baskets. She teaches and also does shows. Has been married to her high school sweetheart, Leroy, for 30 years, they have 3 adult children and 3 “darling” grandchildren. Member of Thumbweavers and Tri County Basket Guilds and AMB, IBA, and MBG.. Pam Woodbury

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Sus Nuss Susi Nuss ...10/3...Bolton, Connecticut. Weaving since 1979, mostly in the 19th century New England black ash woodsplint basketry tradition. Also interested in native natural materials basketry. Member of Northeast Basketmaker's Guild. Editor  of

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Kathy Wilson ...AKA kae ...10/12/52 in southern Indiana and transplanted to Kentucky. Survived Catholic schools and went to work for state government like most people do in Frankfort. Interest in baskets came about by accident. “I was reading the local paper and noticed an article about a basket class that was going to be held at one of the local churches. I think I was looking for something different to do. I was used to working with my hands but up until that time all I had woven was paper strips and loop potholders. This was a “little” different and of all things a ribbed key basket. A friend from work was at the class and said, “I think this is a little advanced for you”. You can guess what I said! Kathy Wilson
It was also my first meeting with Anne Coleman, who has become my close friend and is still my “main” basket teacher. That was in November 1989 and I’m still weavin’. I’ve learned to enjoy doing herringbone cane chair bottoms after several years of “not seeing the pattern” and have initially conquered ribbed baskets. I’m “owned” by 3 four-legged children, at the present time, who share one end of my basket “wreck” room. Fortunately, I won’t be looking for something to do when I retire, because baskets have no season –they’re year ‘round.

Mary Rinker AKA basketmom...  10/19/55 ...(As of May 2001) "Been weaving 1 1/2 years. I've only worked with reed (so far...).  I live in Western New York with my husband, two children (my son is 19, my daughter is 15), and two black cats (we got them at Halloween time).  I work full-time as a customer service representative (fancy name for a teller) at a local bank branch.  I love talking with other more experienced basketmakers in the chat room."

Joan Culler  Joan Culler...10/21...charter member...Retired elementary teacher, now manager of the Basket Shop at Sauder Village in Archbold, OH. Lives in Stryker, OH. Has been weaving for 10 years, mostly for a hobby. “I also enjoy traveling, sewing, and my 7 grandchildren.” Joan is a list keeper so is secretary of the Virtual Basketmakers. Also a member AMB and IBA.


Faye Stukey

Faye Stukey, a/k/a stukey... 10/11/58... Kalispell, Montana.  Enjoys weaving traditional baskets and antler baskets, using mostly traditional reeds, but loves incorporating natural items into her baskets whenever possible!  Also loves making handmade soaps and frequently combines a search for herbs with a search for naturals to use in her basketry.  If this weren't enough to keep her busy, she also gardens, has a pre-teen daughter, a dog, a cat, six chickens, and a pond full of trout!

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Ruth Andre Ruth Andre...11-2-45...Blodgett, MO..."I was raised on a small ranch in the Rainbow Valley of  Southern California... a beautiful valley with towering mountains all around.  Then, in 1993, my husband Tom and I moved to a farm in the flat lands of Missouri...a major change and a real adventure.
     In California I was a member of the Los Angeles Printmakers Society and had taken several oil painting workshops.  The arts were never far from my mind and hands.  That all changed when we moved to this very rural area of the Mid-West...Until the  year we decided to grow six acres of gourds... When the crop was harvested my husband asked what I was going to do with all of those gourds and  I told him that I would think of something. 
     I started using pine needles to embellish the gourds and called them “Gourd-Weavings”. 
In 1998, I was lucky enough to be accepted into the St Louis Botanical Garden Show.  Now my work is exhibited in galleries and I do my best to enter competitions to stretch my basketry/fiber skills.  I try to  market and weave a little every day.    
     I truly enjoy all forms of basketry and hope to learn many basketmaking techniques.  I believe basketmaking  is going through an exciting growth and I am excited to be a part of this movement."

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Carol Miller aka 59846 ....11-3-64... Huson, MT...  Carol is a Native Montanan with 3 boys who has been weaving since the late 80s/early 90s and coiling since the mid 90s. Carol Miller


Rene Morris. Rene Morris...11/03/60...Lives in southeastern Ohio. Has 3 children, Scott-18, Leticia-16, and Jamie-10. . Weaving since 1987, “mostly as a hobby for myself, family and friends. Would love to have more time and a shop in which to weave, teach, and sell“. Works at a local medical center and officiates volleyball. “Enjoy sharing my children's activities, sports, reading, and crafts. Would love to learn calligraphy and tole painting.


Donna Longenecker Donna Longenecker ... 11/13...Kempton, PA...taught herself seat weaving in the 70s after her hubby, Bill, inherited several cane and rush chairs that were missing seats, and her business Country Seat was born. That seat weaving business has grown into a successful Basket Supply House with husband Bill and daughter Angie joining the business and sharing her interest in basketmaking..

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Susan Butts AKA SusanB... 12-5-49... Savannah, GA...  " I began crafting about 17 or 18 years ago, and tried almost every craft there was, but didn't find my true calling until I learned to coil baskets.  I saw a short segment on TV about weed baskets and decided to give it a try.  I taught myself (after many hours of trial and error) to make baskets out of grass and weeds, straw, wheat, and whatever else I could find. I moved to Savannah in Jan. of 1999 and found wonderful 12" to 18" pine needles.  I have been making baskets out of pine needles ever since then. 

 I love talking  to all my new friends on the different basket chats, and have learned alot of new tips and techniques from them. I hope to keep making my baskets for years to come, because they are great therapy. 

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Deb Curtis Deb Curtis AKA DebC...12/8/56...weaving baskets since 1983, mostly with naturals... taken a few workshops but mostly self-taught….started teaching basket weaving in 1986 and found she loved teaching so much she went back for teaching certificate from Oregon State University... teaches Math and Art at a private middle/high school, has two very active boys, 3 1/2 and 7 years old, plus a wonderful, supportive husband. Currently works exclusively in naturals. “ I find basket weaving is my passion and fills my soul.” Member of AMB.


Pat Moritz. Pat Moritz...12/16...weaving since 1986. Past President of the Missouri Basketweavers Guild, also a member of AMB and IBA...started with basic traditional baskets, but recently has been doing more decorative and sculptural baskets and vessels . "I enjoy working with waxed linen on knotted pieces and would love to have more time to devote to that facet of basketry." Weaves with copper and "tinned silver" wire, also creates contemporary gourds. Has taught at Midwest Basketry Focus and also at the local school district during the Fall and Spring evening classes. A full time job and community and church involvement “doesn't give me nearly enough time for basketry! Unfortunately, retirement from my job is still quite a few years away!"

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