The Stowe Basketry Festival 
May 17-23, 1999

VBG member Susan Tripp attended this basketry event. In her words…

It was GREAT! I could not say enough about Stowe. We had the best time and can't wait to go back!!!

Here we have a pic of one of the two large rooms where they held the classes. I really like everyone in one room like this. You get to see what's going on.

This is in the student market place. They let you bring anything and sell anything. My mother took cookbooks to sell. I don't know who is in front with the willow baskets. I just stood in the far corner and took the room.

The round hearth lodge where the guests stayed. This pic with everyone's back to my mother taking the pic is right before the Friday night banquet, They had a celebration before dinner honoring the men who attended.

The student's baskets they brought to show. Behind the bottom half is the teacher's market place.

Here is me, Anna, Connie and Gladys in the Nantucket class. Gladys and Anna were the teachers. Gladys is 83 years old and still teaching!

The Von Trapp Family Lodge (from The Sound of Music) I think it was the son who built this lodge and owns and operates it now. It is way, way, way up on this mountain and it was scary driving up there. We wanted to go to dinner there but we didn't have dress clothes, so next year we are taking some dress clothes and going there! It was huge and beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice!


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