Jo and Claudia in Jo's booth at Country Peddler show, Sturbridge, Mass.

Jo and Claudia met in Jo's booth
at  the Country Peddler Show
in Sturbridge, Massachusetts 



Kim's Northern Tour
Michgan Mania!

Yup! Here's Greta...Pam doesn't have a basket big enuf for her now!

PamW and KimR take a camping trip in the Michigan wilds.




Active VBGers at the Thumbweavers meeting where Carol was the outside teacher.
DebbieG, PamW, CarolA, and JoS


  Carol's Montana Trip

Carol and Faye
With Faye in front of Faye's mountain home...

Carol and Carol
With Carol  Miller in Carol's garden.


Faye and Carol M in class taught by Carol A.

Basketmakers at Convergence

Some of the basketmakers attending Convergence 2000 
posing with one of the Cincinnati pigs.
Clockwise from upper left, Cheryl Strong, Judith Olney, Flo Hoppe,
VBGer Carol Antrim
, Ankaret Dean, and Pat Welti.



Carol and Ruth.

Carol Antrim and Ruth Andre visit in Carol's garden
during Ruth's trip to teach in Indiana.


Pamela and Ruth.  

Pamela Zimmerman took a road trip with her family this summer, 
and stopped to visit with fellow VBGer, Ruth Andre.


Members of the Thumbweavers Guild including VBGers DebbieG, PamW and JoS.

Thumbweavers Guild Meeting with Active VBGers in attendance

Seated: left to right, Debbie Gring and Pam Woodbury,
first one standing from the left is Joanne Shilling.


PamW and Kim among the baskets they wove during Pam's vist.

Two of our members relax after a 
"Weaving Frenzy"

Picture taken during a visit Pam Woodbury made to Kim Renich.

 Kim dubbed this
Pam's Southern Tour


What “Weave” been doing

The Basket Gathering /
  Midwest Basketry Focus/Winter Weave /
  Conference at  Arrowmont/The Stowe Basketry Festival /
 IBA Convention/ AMB Convention/Assorted Events/
Receiving our charter

Our members have more activities planned...Please come back.






What “weave” been doing.

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