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Photo by Marcus



Thanks to Michelle for the photo's ... She sent this e-mail with the photo's It was FUN!

I AM SOOOOOO PROUD OF U AWESUM ROCK~N~ROLLERS!! U truly kicked sum serious butt @ Blinky's on Saturday & I hope that wuz just the beginning! :o) Anyhow, really quick, here are some fotos Ronnie took of y'all with our new camera. XOXOXOXOXOXO Peace & Love Always, your VERY PROUD Niece.


Erny Ekblom Bass ..... Terry Fitzgerald Lead/Rythm Guitar/Vocals ..... Jim Ekblom Rythm Guitar/Vocals ..... George Mattson Lead/Rythm Guitar/Banjo/Vocals
Thanks to Jim & Vicki for the photo Taken 8/2000 At Gunn Lake Michigan .. "Gramps With Amps" On The Right

The John Biggar Band !

Jim Ekblom lead Vocals - rhythm Guitar - Piano..Erny Ekblom bass Guitar..John Biggar Drums.. David Salvatierra lead Guitar - lead Vocals

World Tour 98

Adam's Apple - Campbell, CA ........ Aug 29 1998

Jim during a session in Jim's basement "Gouster Hall" 3/99
John and David at the Session

BB Wolfe 1977 to 1984
Christy Ekblom..Lead Vocal..Piano - Louie Buldo..Drums - Chuck Cali..Lead Guitar..Lead Vocal - Erny Ekblom..Bass - Carolyn Troland..Lead Vocal..Rhythm Guitar - Rich Green..Sound & Light Mix

Family Pack
John Biggar..Drums - Wayne Piber..Lead Guitar - Tom Ekblom..Lead Vocal..Rythm Guitar..Valve Trombone - Erny Ekblom..Bass - Jim Ekblom..Lead Vocal..Rhythm Guitar..Piano - Dave Murdoch..Trumpet - Oscar Williams..Trumpet

New Years 1971
I really like the pants Jim & I are wearing .. I think I'll let my sideburns Grow again!

The Vagrant's


Going away party Aug. 1966 for Jim at 5510 W 95th Street .. Oak Lawn Ill ... headed for Vietnam .." Finny" Jack Finwall on Sax .. Jimmy left .. Tommy to the right .. Bob Osborne playing bass ..

Jim & the Boys

Jim e-mailed me to say "I think the picture of "Jim Ekblom and the Boy's" actually was taken at the Conservation Club in Koontz Lake Indiana".

1962 to 1966

Jon JACKSI lead guitar ... Jack FINWALL sax ... Bill SUOR drums

Bob OSBORNE rhythm guitar ... Jim EKBLOM bass

1960 to 1962

At the Fernwood VFW Post 102nd & Wallace Chicago Illinois 1961

Jon JACKSI lead guitar..Erny EKBLOM bass..Bill SUOR drums

Jack FINWALL sax..Jim EKBLOM rhythm guitar

Photo by Glenn Finwall Jr.
Thanks to Jon Jacksi For Sending Me This Photo
YES .... I Still Look At My Fingers!

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