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The phrase above really applies to these two. This is Ted and Susan Rose two very special friends. Ted founded Project Amigo .. Click on the photo to the right to visit his project. Ted recieved the Rotary "Service Above Self Award" January of 2000. This award is the highest award presented to a Rotarian by Rotary International. The award is presented to a maximum of 150 people worldwide each year.

The "Toures" Family
(And some Juleen's)


Here is Tiffany Toures Recieving Her Gold Medal at the "Starbound" contest in Chicago in 1999 ... she also won a Silver Medal in ballet at the International Dance Challenge. As a group they won 3 Silvers and a Gold and a Gold for a duet in Jazz. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

These Pictures are of Angela Toures ... Angela graduated from high school this year. She was President of her class and she and her boy friend Patrick Hayes were voted King and Queen at the prom......Angela has earned a softball scholarship to the Univ of St. Francis in Joliet where she will play 3rd base! And Patrick is attending Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois.
Thanks for the photos Nancy ....

Thanks for the photos George!!


The Bro's .....George is way to the right while Emmy Lou sings in Chicago ...


The "Shays" in 1963 - Steve Naylor - bass, Denis Ahlborn - lead guitar, Kenny Heinrich - vocals, Jim Harvey - drums, George Mattson - rhythm guitar. George and his Boy's 6/21/97

Thanks for the scan's Russ
The photo of my cousin Betty and her daughter Britt Juleen was taken April 1999 in Amsterdam .... Betty went to watch her proformance with the Dutch National Ballet Company ... Britt just singed a new 1 year contract ... congratulations ... Betty then visited Sweden and Eriks' home town .... This is my Unca Erik Juleen ... Bettys' Dad ... he had this photo taken for a reunion he will attend in Orlando, FL later this year ...he landed at Omaha Beach on D day in Normanday ....see a picture of him just before the landing on the "Navy Stuff" page ... sorry Unca Erik ... all those squids ...
Click the button for the Ballet's home page .. but it's in Dutch ..

If you were wondering how Britt got intrested in dancing here is the answer .. This photo was taken in 1969 when Betty was dancing for Barry Ashton Productions in Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami ... thanks for sharing the photo Betty ... its GREAT!!!

This picture of Jack Finwall's Dad, Glenn Sr., was taken in 1992 ... Glenn won 1st Place - SWEEPSTAKES and Best of Show at the Lake County Indiana Fair for this painting he did ...... Glenn used to play the Banjo in speak-easys in Chicago during prohibition ..... he always had the latest in "HI-FI" gear .... it was always FUN to go over to Jack & his brother Glenn's to play ... one of many reasons was there was a bullet trap in the basement so we would shoot his 22 and pellet gun .... AND they had a Motor-Scotter ... the drawing below is MY, "Finwall" ....Glenn took his first art class when he was 74, and by the time he was 82 his eyesight had failed him so he can no longer paint or draw ...

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