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A Real Big "Thank You" To Unca Jack Ekblom ... of the "Right Coast Ekblom's" ... For His Contribution To This Page .... The Photos Are Priceless!! ... Thanks Unca Jack ... Erny

Mom Dad and Me 1943 in Chicago ..

Unca Earle Mattson Dad Unca Art Erickson    Dad Unca Art Judy and me 8/43

Dad me Unca Jack Nyberg in California 1944 & me & Unca Jack Ekblom in Chicago

The Unca's In Front Of 9936 South Parnell In Chicago

For Photos Of My Dad's Ship The USS Rudyerd Bay CVE-81 Click On The Photo

     The Brothers Unca Jack & Dad   Unca Jack Dad Unca Earl Unca Art

    Unca Jack             Unca Jack and "Bing"

In l946 and 1947 Unca Jack was in the Army Air Corps stationed on Ascension Island. Ascension Island is located between Brazil and Africa in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 5 degrees below the equator. It may be hard to find on the map because it is only 35 square miles. Ascension Island was used as a refueling stop during the war and is owned by Britain. Sergeant Ekblom says "I had 3 different jobs. First I was responsible for weight and balance for all aircraft leaving the island making sure that cargo did not make the plane tail heavy for nose heavy. Second I was Postmaster, and Third I was manager of the Enlisted Mens Club for which I got an extra $50.00 a month for making sure there was enough beer for everybody". The plane he is standing next to is a PBY5-Catalina, and it was used for air to sea rescue. After the war Ascension Island was still used as a refueling stop for planes full of G.I.'s returning from Africa and Europe.

On the left is Unca Erik Juleen and next to him his friend Buddy McGill from Pittsburg ... the photo was taken May 1944 .... shortly before "D" Day June 6... he landed at Omaha Beach on D day in Normanday ....he served from 1942 to 1945 in the 29th Infantry Division ... Corporal Juleen was a machine gunner .. 30 caliber water cooled and 50 caliber ... BIG bullets ... he became a US citizen while training in England for the D Day invasion ... wounded twice he has recieved the Purple Heart ... he says "I tried to surrender twice but the Germans refused ... they were concerned with keeping a high maintaince Swede" ..

Click on the 29th Infantry Division Patch for Their Home Page


This photo was taken of Russ Juleen 9/68 ... It's a "Cobra" Gun Ship .... Tommy said "I was always happy to see them (Cobras) overhead" To read about Russ's tour in Viet Nam click on the center photo above ....

Bob was married to Christys' sister Betty.   Bob flew the Gruman F9F-5 Panther in Air Group 15 Fighter Squadren VF-153 on board the USS Princeton CVA-37 during the Korean war from 1/24/53 to 9/21/53.
Specifications For The Grumman F9F-5 Panther
Engine: One Pratt & Whitney J48-P-4/P-6A turbojet rated at 6,250 lb.s.t. Performance: Maximum speed 604 mph at sea level, 579 mph at 5,000 feet, 543 mph at 35,000 feet. Cruising speed 481 mph. Stalling speed 132 mph . Initial climb rate 5,090 feet per minute. Service ceiling 42,800 feet. Range 1,300 miles. Dimensions: wingspan 38 feet 0 inches, length 38 feet 10 1/2 inches, height 12 feet 4 inches, wing area 250 square feet. Weights: 10,147 pounds empty, 17,766 pounds gross, 18,721 pounds maximum takeoff. Internal fuel capacity 1,003 US gallons. Armament: Four 20-mm cannon in the nose. Eight underwing hardpoints which could accommodate a total underwing load of up to 3,465 pounds of bombs and rockets.

On the left is the USS Princeton CVA-37..The Destroyer to the left looks like it could be a Gearing class .. the same type I served aboard .. see below ....On the right is the USS Yorktown CV-10 .. Bob made the 44,000th landing on board 8/27/54 while Yorktown operated out of the Manila-Subic Bay area, conducting 7th Fleet maneuvers

Jim Ekblom lived aboard the BEXAR, an APA like this one while stationed at DaNang Vietnam 9/66 to 12/67

..Jim's a Seabee .. Engineering Aide Draftsman 2nd Class .. EAD2 ..


I Served Aboard The Yosimite AD-19 A Destroyer Tender Home Port At New Port Rhode Island From 1/62 to 9/62

I Served Aboard The USS Steinaker DD(R)-863 1/63 to 2/66 ... Click On The Photo Above