MICHAEL NEWMAN - Guitars/Vocals


Michael is a proud member of

My name is Michael Anthony Newman. I was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and grew up there. After graduating from Incarnate Word Academy and a two-year stint in the United States Army, I traveled around quite a bit.

I've been playing guitar and singing for 25+ years, having started in the 4th Grade. In the 1980's I was in a Christian band called Alpha 8-2-1 and another outfit called "Jesuit."

I disappeared from the music scene for some time, writing and traveling, and eventually reemerged joining 2nd Frett and now Burning Nopal. It's my pleasure to be associated with Eric Morris of the Eric Morris Project and I consider him my mentor and best friend and am thankful for having him in my life. I look forward to many years ahead with these guys writing, recording and performing.

My greatest influence of all time, I must say, is God. He gives me the drive, strength and determination to face every day, without fail.

My life partner Tony and I have been together since 2004. (We were legally married in 2014.) I look forward to a lifetime together. I love him very much.


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