From: S. Hendrix Fisher <>
To: Galligan-Jan <>
Subject: - Registration
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 15:58:32 +0100


Finally, I have tried to complete the film data base 
registration information form you sent me as much as possible. 
Some categories I have had to leave empty. I suppose I could 
go on forever in the "Other data" section, but 
then I'd never get this off to you - so you can submit 
it to the Internet Movie Database.

There was no category for "Performing name". I have 
variously been listed in films and TV as Stephen Fisher, 
Steve Fisher, Steven Fisher, and S. Hendrix Fisher 
(the latter was my SAG/Miami Vice name, 
because Stephen/Steve Fisher was already taken). 

 Thanks for the due diligence... 



Steve(n) Hendrix Fisher: Prague 11/2001 

 Biographical Information: as listed on the Internet Movie Database [for example, see - Jack Nicholson]

 Birth Name 
 Stephen Hendrix Fisher 


 Date of Birth 
 December 5, 1955 

 Date of Death 

 5' 8" 


 Born. Lived. Laughed. Didn't cry much. 

 Books About This Person 
 Biographical Movies 
 Portrayed in Other Movies 
 Other work 


 Real Life Quotes 
 "Look for me in the 'Deleted Scenes' reel of your favorite DVD!" 

 2003 - Seven figures (in Czech crowns) 

 Where Is He Now? 
 Under the bed, looking for his two-year-old's drinking cup. 

 Marriage Details 
 Legal in all 50 states. Date of marriage: April 29, 1995. 
 Wife: Jitka Fisherova (neé Hlavata) 

 Sophisticated innocence 

 Press Interviews 
 Articles in the Media 
 Magazine Pictorials 
 Magazine Cover Photo 
 Links to Other Sites 
 Official Sites 
 Image / Photos 
 Sound Clips 
 Video Clips 

 Other Data 

 City and country of residence: Prague, Czech Republic, since 1991 

 Political affiliation: Registered Democrat 

 Shoe size: 8D 

 Childhood dream: Becoming host of TV's "Concentration" 

 Best friend: Timothy E. Jones, Seattle, Washington 

 Lifetime number of girlfriends: 30+ 

 Had first sexual relations (Clinton definition) at age: 17 

 Average number of orgasms per sexual encounter: 1.157 

 Favorite moment in history: The Big Bang 

 How much he hates Bush (1-10 scale):

 Countries visited: Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda, France, England, 
  Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia,
  Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia 

 Number of countries visited more than current U.S. President by age 48: 18 

 Union memberships: Teamsters (lapsed), Screen Actors Guild (lapsed) 

 Favorite film: "From Russia With Love" 

 Least favorite question asked of him by a child: "Aren't you Alf's dad?" 

 Faculty Award, Albany Academy, Albany, NY, 1973 
 Winner of "Do Re Mi", TV Nova karaoke program, Czech Republic, 1997 


 Contact Details: 

 Tel: +420 222 718 080 
 Cell: +420 603 526 285 

 Talent Agent 

 Publicist:  Jan Galligan []

 Legal Representation 


 Production Company 

 Direct Contact 

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