by Lydia Mulero

My name is Lydia. My father's name is Jan. It all
started on January 15, 1997. Me, Sarah, my mom and
my dad were sitting at the table. Then it all
got funny.

Sarah and I kept on saying funny things. Then my mother
cracked a really funny joke: "Do you know I used worms
for the spaghetti?"

Choke. Choke! "Did you really have to say that?" asked
Sarah. "Don't make me laugh!" choked out my dad, who
was getting over a cold. (We all were.)

All through dinner, whenever somebody said something funny,
my dad said "Don't make me laugh!"

Then, on February 29, 1998, My dad started laughing and
said it again! I laughed so hard I fell off my chair!

It's sort of a family thing now, with Sarah included.
We have lots of these family things. Next time my dad
says something like that, I think I'll burst.

Copyright 1999
Jan Galligan
All Rights Reserved
Last modified December 12, 1999