Feb. 22, 2001

 The postcard card you sent has water, and 
a grouping of modest boats floating in it. I am
incapable of imagining that any of these
boats are mine. Can you do so? Can you look
at such an image and dream that you inhabit
it's environment? If I could imagine owning
one of the boats, how could I stop there.
Once owning the boat wouldn't the waking
from this fantasy be perceived as a theft of
the boat itself and the lifestyle it represents.

I might simply want to see the
boat. This should not be impossible. I could
certainly afford to fly to Vieques and visit
this harbour. 

What if the boat were no
longer moored there. It might have been
there only on the day the photo was taken.
Perhaps the boats were retouched into the
harbour. They might not be real at all.
Might never have inhabited the harbour. The
boats may be a dream even to the people of
Vieques. The post card may make the
realization of pleasure impossible. By
replacing, interrupting reality, the card
may invalidate it. 

 Quaint boats might only appear to be
quaint. Perhaps if real, the boats might
simply be props used by the local peoples in
order to help replecate a charming locale.
Fashioned from foam, and painted to match
photos of boats their ancestors once used.
These persons would sit in thier homes
peering tentatively through ornate shades
waiting for tourists.They look out at the
boats, at boats they know not to be
boats at all.

Copyright 2001
Richard Lovrich
All Rights Reserved
Last modified October 02, 2001