Monkey Business
March 27, 2001

Naked weather, wow. Of all acts performed by
men or women, that of delivering the weather
seems the least conducive to clothslessness.
Naked cashier (nice) naked museum guard
(distracting) naked hod-carrier (do they
still do that?) 

Last night:

My girlfriend brings a baby chimpanzee to
our loft. The creature is dark furred and
very well tempered. It wears a little
diaper. It does nothing that is not very
cute. While looking at the chimp I realize
that he is here (at the loft) to stay. I
insist that my girlfriend get rid of the
chimpanzee immediately. She begins to cry.

The chimp was left over after her job that
day. I do not question the meaning of this.
The chimp cannot stay, I cannot care what
will happen to it, it simply cannot stay.
She leaves with the baby clutching her side
and throwing me a loving look. I close my
eyes and envision my girlfriend pushing the
chimpanzee out of the car door as she drives
slowly through a palm tree lined street. She
is not moving very quickly but nonetheless
the baby looks as though it it being

 It is another day, I hear a chimp sound. I
am at the loft and begin to search. The
sound again, it is coming from a speaker.
The stereo is not on. I move the speaker
from the wall and inside I find the chimp.
He rolls out comically and looks up at me. I
close my eyes. This time I see the future.
Not imagine the future, but see it. See the
future that WILL be if I keep the
chimpanzee. I leave the loft to go to work
and shoot a glance at my chimp. Old and
large, its hair is grey its lower lip hangs.

The diaper is now huge the feet and hands
are dry. As soon as I close the door The
chimpanzee ambles to a large framed
lithograph. The chimp removes it from the
wall with its long arms and smashes it on
the floor, then bashes it again and again
until he holds only two sticks. Glass and
debris surround the beast. It moves to
another framed piece near the first and
destroys this one in a similar manner. The
chimpanzee does not appear angry, only

The chimpanzee destroys all of my art.

Copyright 2001
Richard Lovrich
All Rights Reserved
Last modified October 02, 2001