I had a dream

Visiting a farm for a photo shoot I inquired
as to the identity of the gazelle like
creatures stuck to the sides of the cows.
The were a reddish deer colour with 5
stripes of a darker colour on each side
slashing down diagonally higher at the neck
wider towards the centre and tapering at
each end. The tail was covered in the short
fur of the body except at the tip where
there was a long brush of black hair, a bit
like an elephant's. The eyes were
undersized, the ears not there much at all
and the mouth opened only at the tip and it
bent down slightly. The animal moved it
frequently as if trying to wet it's lips but
did not use it's tongue in the process.

"They are called cowloons, they have a kind
of symbiotic relationship with the cows" the
big guy who knew stuff in my dream said,
"once they latch onto a cow, that's it, they
stay, cows don't mind...matter of fact I
think they like it." 

        I prepared to leave, packing my equipment,
and with my arms loaded headed for my rental
car. I sensed a presence, there at my elbow
a cowloon was closing in. Before I could
drop my bags it was there pressed against me
and keeping pace with me...perfectly. When I
pushed it away it returned as if spring
loaded, magnetized if you will to my side.
All the time the little mouth silently

    This was funny, touching, for only a
moment. I became agitated and found the car
keys. Opening the car door, I was able, with
difficulty to pry the beast from my flank
and squeeze the door closed. It's click was
my salvation, I backed away leaving the
forlorn symbiot in my dust.

        Cut to new dream, I am in NYC and I am
lost. I was to meet my wife at a  designated
spot a 6:30, but where was the spot? I did
not need to write it down because I was one
of those, you know, places. I did not have
my celphone with me and so I attempted to
use a public. The controls were entirely
unfamiliar to me and although I was my
normal height the device was situated and
angled well out of my ability to use it

     During all of this stress I could
see in my peripheral vision a little head
peeking around the brick apartment building
on the corner. My cowloon watched with
simple animal focus for it's break. I
dropped the receiver and backed away from
the phone. My stealthy move was it's perfect
window, the cowloon was attached to my side
before I could drop my arms to block the way.

        This went on and on and included a bit
where I had forgotten how to drive...more
precisely to steer an automobile.


Copyright 2000
Richard Lovrich
All Rights Reserved
Last modified Sept 15, 2000