ship of fools: 2

 i am an altavista user also. other engines do not satisfy. i am very boolean, i need
modifiers, i need filters. love to play search game. place arbitrarily chosen word,
let's say scintilla, use modifier NEAR then type another randomly chosen word
cartouche. let me try that combo now, be right back...holy shit, 2 hits. i could
not have been more obtuse. both hits reprint a list of rather stupid questions from
omni mag 84, while only one gave credit. both words were used in the same
sentence!!! I  reprint here:

Vocabulary test:
Scintilla, cartouche, synaptic and skoobedoo.
Of the above, I knew, without looking them up, the meaning of:
1. none of the above.
2. two of the above.
3. three of the above.
4. all five words.

stupid eh, but they were there, by the way, this was one of the few searches i have
performed which, if they netted anything, did not net anything pornographic. sex
sites are dreary but i enjoy a truely depraved site once in a while. the good ones
seem to be on the decline, and finding new ones is not worth it. very peculiar
searches used to turn up very peculiar acts, but no longer. everyithing is a come
on, no pun there, for drab fuck sites, oh well.

happy searching

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