Klaus Nomi...

Jan, I just received the story you mailed me, and it fell open to:

"I bought two James Chance tapes, and a Klaus Nomi..."

Known for his beautiful operatic
falsetto and appearances on Saturday Nite Live
backing up Bowie, Nomi was also a notorious
sales person of record at Fiorrucci's in
Manhattan. He helped me pick out skinny
pants. He and my friend Linda were buddies.

He sang at events in Fiorrucci, quite a
treat, very small audiences. I had forgotten
those parties until just now. I wonder where
he is now. I should search. 


the spheres:

I am working on my cosmology. It is the way
everything works, I have been sure for
years. I do not think it is a religion. It
is merely a graphic representation of life's
workings. Time to take it out of the garage
and test drive it, if you will. will share
soon. This is big, an engine for thought at
least, it widens as I look at it. I want to
use is to explain everything and in doing so
everything describes it. 

 I feel about and there is more there. A
single question could make it come crashing
down, it is after all not a religion, it
begs questions. It's purpose is to generate
discourse and challenges. It promises
nothing although someone mathematically
inclined might attempt to harness it for
some decision making purposes. It would be
hopeless. So much is hidden from view. 

 If you used it you would certainly avoid
many mishaps or meet them with greater
frequency if you wished.


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