Moratorium? Tape control?

Will there be an underground for tapes now? 

"Hey buddy, I gots me 2 copies of Blade Runner, the
original ending, no letterbox crap and no
stereo, you look like someone I can trust." 

 That Joe song has a video, I could not make
it to the very end. It is shot in the dull
witted manner of most country videos. 

"jest show em what I's sayin!" 

In my version the waitress cathes the old babe layin' 
down the hundred and stuffs the bill in her bra. She
then strips down to her insignificant undies
hops up on the counter top and gives her new
friend a table dance. They run off together
in the Mercedes and leave Joe in the dust.

Last scene sees Joe drinking and sobbing in
his that's country!

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Richard Lovrich
All Rights Reserved
Last modified Sept 15, 2000