Mikey mouse martini 
shaken not stirred

Sweet little Lizzy is back and she's brought
her fine little backside with her! She's
gonna get buck-neked and bouncy right here
on Sweets T's couch and you're all invited! 

There is nothing quite so obscene as
sweetened up sexuality, from this
incomprehensible website to Disney, it is
all crap. 

 Visited Target store today, a mixed bag in
all. Graves' contributions seemed out of
place but welcomed. A lot of reasonable
accessories for young folks, great bargain
kitchenware and nice chairs. There was a
pregnant person with two bratty boys in tow.
Her hair was over elevated in a child beauty
contest do. She wore a PINK tee-shirt with
juvenile graphics over her substantialness
and little girl lacy sox and sneaks.

American mall neoteeny gives me the biggest
chills. Tasteless bumper stickers,
benippeled white tee shirt wearers, shorty
short displayers all seem in perfectly good
taste compared to overweight women dressed
like infants. To this you can add their
spouses in sports team getups "do you have a
relative on that team?" Women who wish to
appear non sexual (or child sex ready heaven
forbid!) and men engaged in homosexual hero

What is all this? Is it a silent
majority's response to an unwelcomed and
medically tarnished sexual revolution? Or
does the jet skiing, snomobiling video
gaming cookie chomping, foreverkinder
lifestyle need no excuse at all, just the
saccharine sweet suicide leap off the
rooftop of maturity and sexuality into an
above ground pool decorated with licensed
characters, filled with ten-something cool
whip nothingness in which are suspended
tawdry prizes none so small as to stick in a
2 year olds windpipe. 

 In a world where few of us could explain
world politics or the inner workings of the
simplest modern device they are the winners.
Their world is one filled with Tweety and
Taz, and the Brown s and the Celtics, with
Michael and McGuire. While one might tackle
imponderables, they live..and live they do,
in world as easily summed up as an ERA.

Religion is the opiate? Move over Jesus the
Super Pure heroin of American babyism is
here, with a street value of Billions and a
steady corn syrup IV drip for every greedy

 Everyone is a great fuck in the adulthood
of desexed america. No one will sneak a
glance at your wifes Pooh graphic shorted
ass in here, they are more interested in the
highway watersports "boy pissing on  a Chevey
logo" bumper sticker you have next to the
Skidoo sticker on your rear quarter window
next to the suction cup Garfield doll. 

Anddid you honeymoon at Disneyworld? Did you
take a Disney cruise? Did you throw him down
on the fooball helmet sheets, slip aside
your Mickey mouse panties, and  sit his cake
smeared face to the strains of the Little
mermaid CD.

Check your brain at the door, and "Oh you
won't need that pesky penis here sir". Will
that be cash or charge? Gotta go now.


Copyright 2000
Richard Lovrich
All Rights Reserved
Last modified Sept 15, 2000