seagull's emcee scared

Should I read this book? 

[Lee Seegal's Love in a Dead Language]

If so do you have it? I have just finished Hannibal
a gift from our book dept. (not bad for one of
those). Lecheter is so lovingly portrayed in
this book against a backdrop of
uninteresting dreadful non-cannibal type

The cards are stacked against
rational thought and our murderer doesn't
look so bad at all. I would certainly rather
have a cocktail with him, although I would
forgo the canapés (finger sandwich por

I slipped from that flash reading
beach bomb to Banana Yoshimoto's NP

I am not so sure what I think of this yet, I am a
bit too close to the subject, my experience
with the Japanese psyche still stuck in my
teeth like stringy pork. 

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