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   is very tolerant

   Sounds like a Europorno. This wednesday in manhattan Lynne and I attended the kickoff party for HBO's Autopsy 6. 

Lynne has styled for the series since it's inception. Dr. Baden the forensic pathologist is the unlikely star. The new episode was compelling and gorey, especially in large-screen. 

 Tattinger flowed liberally, the shrimp was rubbery, but the cookies were thankfully great.

The show was in the same format as the previous 5, with an intro from Baden,followed by murder case vignettes. There was a grotesque salad of cases. 

A severed hand floating in a lagoon leads to an overweight  practitioner of voodoo, and fashion victim. 

A physician so in love with a patient suffering
and dying from Tuberculosis, that he lives with here corpse until they were seperated by the authorites years later. They discover her decayed, perfumed, partially repaired remains, with beautiful deathmask and vaginal
tube intact. His love for her was greater still it seemed, for when his own corpse was discovered, many years later in his late 70's, he clasped a lifesized doll, wearing the deathmask of his lost love. In this, her third and final death, she was still very beautiful. 

To these stories add a mass wife-murderer,  and a homicidally jealous rodeo queen, a night to remember.



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