JAN 20 THRU FEB 9, 2003 

                             STEVE FISHER LINKS (MOVIES)

Steve Fisher's Response #1:
  From: PRaxis 
  To: Jan Galligan <>
  Subject: Re: Late, again.
  Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 16:10:17 +0100
  Good lord, dear boy. I'm in the first ten minutes of the film, when Chon 
  Wang (Jackie Chan) finds Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) apparently living the 
  high life, dressed in a white tuxedo and surrounded by beautiful women in 
  the restaurant of the Waldorf-Astoria. When Chon asks Roy where his share 
  of the money is (that they got at the end of "Shanghai Noon"), Roy assures 
  him it's safely invested, not to worry. "Just look at me, Chon," says Roy, 
  pointing at his tux. "You can see I've done pretty well for myself..." 
And that is the moment when I, dressed in an identical white tuxedo, walk up to Roy, angrily tell him, "The couple at table five is ready to order!" and  then storm off. 
  "You work here?" asks Chon, shocked. 
  ", no," Roy fumbles. "They're just confused because my tuxedo looks 
  like one of theirs." 
At which point, another actor, also in a white tuxedo, walks up, hands Roy 
some money, and says, "Here's your share of the tips, Roy." 
  Hoo-hah! I can't believe you missed me. 


Steve Fisher's Response #2:

From:  PRaxis 

To:  Jan Galligan <>
Subject:  Re::eR
Date:  Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:28:52 +0100
   Jan and Lydia:
I envy your filmgoing ...I've been only twice, to see "A Perfect Mind" and "...........", what was it called? That recent  Spielberg sci-fi movie with Tom Cruise about which The New Yorker said that its title was the worst thing about it...oh, yeah, "Minority Report". 
 On the subject of sci-fi, I have just been cast in a really cool role, as a 
 government agent hunting evil creatures in "Hellboy", yet another film based 
 on a comic book. I'm quite excited about it, as I'll be getting to do a lot 
 of "action" scenes, hunting in dark places, shining a flashlight around (a 
 la "X-Files") and shooting (have never fired a weapon in a film before). 
 Best of all, my character, an agent named Quarry (ironic, eh?) is eventually 
 killed (devoured, in fact) by one of the evil mutants in a very grisly 
 scene. Lots of screen time. They're hiring me for seven 
 weeks of shooting (rather than just by the day), during which I have to be 
 available to work nine days. That's a lot of work in the bit player biz. 
 And yesterday I auditioned for a BBC film, "Charles II" (no, not a sequel, 
 dear boy, it's a historical film about the king), doing my best British 
 accent for the role of the queen's doctor. The director was there during 
 the casting (which is not usually the case) and seemed impressed by my 
 reading. We'll see. And next Monday, yet another casting for a comedy, 
 "Ugly Americans". 
So, only January 24 and 2003 is already shaping up to be a dynamite it should be, being the Year of the Goat in Chinese astrology, which is my year. During the last one, 12 years ago, I suddenly made a rather odd and unexpected decision to change my life completely, when the opportunity to live in a place called Czechoslovakia presented itself to me. 12 years before that, in 1979, I was miraculously rescued from a two-year spell of directionless and improverished post-university wandering by the simultaneous offer of a job and a place to live from an organization with the ingtriguingly humourous name of Electronic Body Arts, which marked the beginning of a very happy and creative period of my life. 
 Sorry about that bloody cold weather you've been having. First you're 
 buried in snow, and now this. Here it's also just a bit above zero, but 
 Celsius is a much kinder scale, as are things generally here in the Old 
 Country. Germany and France seem to be quite the bugs up GW's and Rummy's 
 respective asses. "We don't need 'em," Rummy said yesterday. How's that 
 for diplomacy? 
 Looking forward to "Catch Me If You Can" when it arrives on the shelves of 
 our English-language video rental shop sometime this summer. The New Yorker 
 carped about the lack of interior lighting in "Gangs of New York", saying 
 that authenticity is one thing, but it's nice to actually be able to see 
 what's happening in a film. I'm sure I'll want to see it (as much as that's 
 possible) anyway. 
 Happy Movie-Going! 
Steve Fisher's Response #3:

From: PRaxis 

To: Galligan-Jan <>
Subject: Re: Hellboy 
Date:  Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:42:59 +0100

Something in me suspects that you've already been surfing the Net for references to the film "Hellboy" which I told you I've been cast in. I did the same myself today, and the web is loaded with fan sites as well as official

Suddenly I feel an awesome responsibility to live up to the rabid devotion of the comic's fans, not to mention the director's own adoration of the comic and its creator. The director, Del Toro, also directed "Blade II" here, which
got terrific reviews. Shooting starts in March. Will keep you posted.