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Here's the IMDB listing (expanded info) for one well-known actor...
Use this as a reference to decide how you want to fill in the blanks
on that questionaire I sent you.


Biography for: Jack Nicholson (from the Internet Movie Database)

Birth name
John Joseph Nicholson
Mulholland Man
5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini biography
Abandoned by his father in his childhood, he was raised believing his
grandmother was his mother and his mother was his older sister. The
truth was revealed to him years later when a Time magazine researcher
uncovered the truth while preparing a story on the star. Jack had a 17
year relationship with actress Anjelica Huston which ended in 1990 after
Rebecca Broussard was carrying his child.

IMDb mini-biography by
Gustaf Molin <>
Sandra Knight (17 June 1962 - 8 August 1968) (divorced) 1 child
Trade mark
Shark's grin, sunglasses
Graduate of Manasquan High School Manasquan, New Jersey

Ranked #6 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All
Time" list. [October 1997]

American Film Institute Life Achievement Award [1994]

Used to be a messenger boy for MGM's cartoon department.

Children: Jennifer Nicholson (b. 1965) with Sandra Knight. Lorraine (b.
1990) and Raymond (b. 1992) with Rebecca Boussard.

Jack Nicholson was the 2001 John F. Kennedy Center Honors recipient.

Dedicated his Oscar for As Good As It Gets (1997) to J.T. Walsh, his
co-star in _Few Good, Men, A (1992)_ who had died shortly before the
Academy Awards in 1998.

In 1994, in an apparent bout of rage, Nicholson smashed a man's car
window in with a golf club. The incident puzzled most people.

Loves jokes at his expense so much that he showed up at every Academy
Awards hosted by Billy Crystal, who in turn would incorporate Nicholson
somehow in the telecast.

Lives on famed "Bad Boy Drive" a.k.a. Muholland Drive in Beverly Hills,
CA. It's nicknamed so because its residents are famed Hollywood bad boys
Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, and Nicholson.

Avid Los Angeles Lakers fan. He never misses a Lakers home game. Because
of this, producers on his films must work the shooting schedule around
the Lakers' schedule.

Was asked, along with Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty, to play the role
of Michael Corleone in Godfather, The (1972).

Dated Lara Flynn Boyle [1999-2001]

Best Lady at his wedding to Sandra Knight was Millie Perkins, Best Man
was Harry Dean Stanton. After their divorce, Nicholson lived, for a
time, at Stanton's place.

Never does televised interviews.

Nicholson has a daughter, Honey Hollman (b. 1981) with Danish
supermodel, Winnie Hollman. Honey lived with Nicholson in his house in
Beverly Hills for a year (2001).

Flew to Cuba and met with Fidel Castro in June 1998. While there,
Nicholson also met with leaders of the Cuban film industry, enjoyed
local restaurants jazz clubs and visited a famous cigar factory. He left
greatly impressed with the country and its Communist dictator, though
the luxuries he was treated to on the island are off-limits to most
Cuban citizens.

Is of Irish and Italian heritage.

Is the most Acadamy Award nominated actor in film history.

When he was working with Boris Karloff, he saw how Karloff would mark
his lines the the script. He adopted the procedure himself.

Each one of the films for which he has won an Oscar has also won Best
Actress in a Leading Role (Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's
Nest; Shirley MacLaine, Terms of Endearment; Helen Hunt, As Good As It

Has a second home in Aspen, Colorado.

Graduate of Manasquan High School, Manasquan, New Jersey, where he was
voted "Class Clown" by the Class of 1954.
Personal quotes
"The average celebrity meets, in one year, ten times the amount of
people that the average person meets in his entire life."

"It was one of the few times when it was money well spent." [about the
$5 million he earned for Few Good Men, A (1992) ]

"When I read the part, I knew I'd win the Oscar for it." [regarding
Terms of Endearment (1983)]

"You only lie to two people in your life: your girlfriend and the

"If you get an impulse in a scene, no matter how wrong it seems, follow
the impulse. It might be something and if it ain't - take two!"

"A star on a movie set is like a time bomb. That bomb has got to be
defused so people can approach it without fear."

"My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch."

[On the birth of his son after having had two daughters:] "I finally got
it right."

"When I come up against a director who has a concept that I don't agree
with, or maybe I just haven't thought of it or whatever, I'd be more
prone to go with them than my own because I want to be out of control as
an actor, I want them to have the control, otherwise it's going to
become predictably my work, and that's not fun."

"I only take viagra when I am with more than one woman."

"I'm not a raver anymore, all good things must come to an end."
About Schmidt (2002) $10,000,000
Pledge, The (2001) $10,000,000
As Good As It Gets (1997) $15,000,000
Few Good Men, A (1992) $5,000,000
Batman (1989) $60,000,000 (total earnings)
Missouri Breaks, The (1976) $125,000 + 10% of all gross receipts above
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) $12,500
Biography from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:
Not many actors could have risen from a bit in the three-day The Little
Shop of Horrors (1960) to the lead in the multimillion-dollar epic Hoffa
(1992); fewer still are sufficiently comfortable with their stardom to
continue to take small but challenging roles, but this paunchy, balding
actor with what "Time" magazine once called a "shark's grin" has always
been a consummate professional, albeit an incredibly well-paid one, as
well as one of the few contemporary stars whom anybody can do an
impression of.

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