Rotate the three key interval running sessions at 5K to 2 mile race pace to improve your running economy and increase your VO2 maximum.

Not yet done hill training and anaerobic threshold running? Some of you will not run intervals until week 17 of your 10K running program. Move back to:

10K running week 9 of 20: The first interval running session
This web page is based on running 30 miles per week? Go here if you're running 40-60 miles per week

10K Running week 10 of 20 is the

second week of Interval Running

Interval Running the Even Number Weeks:
Day one: 10-12 mile easy pace run
Day three: warmup and cooldown: run 1.5 to 2 miles of hill repeats
to retain strength. Total 7 miles
Day four: easy 6 mile run
Day six: 3 miles at 5K pace (for the less experienced runners) to 2
mile race pace (experienced runners)

On Day Six, use a three week rotation of:
12 x 400 meters
8 x 600 meters
15 x 300 meters (two straights and one bend on most tracks)

Your running pace should vary slightly for these three key training sessions:
Run the 300s at 2 mile race pace; run the 400s at five seconds per mile faster
than 5K race pace; Run the 600s at 5K race pace. You will then experience
and benefit from running at about 100, 98 and 95 percent of your VO2

When you can run 5K pace easily for three miles of 600 meter
reps, increase pace to two mile speed for at least some of your
short reps. 
Eight sessions will give you most of your running economy and
oxygen uptake gains. Then decrease mileage by 20 percent to run a
practice race at 5K to 12K with fresh legs. 

Then move to Phase Five.

Phase 5: Long reps and peaking

Many of you are still getting used to your 10-12 mile runs once a week, plus your gentle speed running in those three miles of fartlek running.

Proceed through these 20 weeks at your own pace. If you started Week One at 15 miles per week, reaching 25-30 miles of running each week should take you 8-10 weeks. Getting your muscles used to running those miles, let alone having your circulation and heart make their changes, takes months. Incorporate longer efforts into the fartlek running, stride a few gentle hillls, and you'll enjoy your first true hill sessions at Week Thirteen.

10K Training Week 9 of 20 which is Phase 4: Interval Running
Practice good running form, and interval training at 5K pace will:
Week 11 of 20 for 30 miles per week 10K racers...nutrition
Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks
10-20 week walk run program for the 5K and 10K

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