Week 11 of 20 training schedule for your 10K race, by David Holt

Half way to your main event. 50 percent prepared for your 10K race. This will be a practice race week for many runners.

Running more than 30 miles per week? Go here if running 40-60 miles per week

10K Training requires progression and consistancy.

You can rest up once every 3-5 weeks for a race, but in the other weeks you need to train at high mileage AND high quality for some of those miles. One hill training or Interval session will improve your knee lift and strength and your running form, but it is a series of hill or interval sessions which allow you to make significant improvements to your 10K time.

You also need to retain your long training run each week until you rest up in weeks 18-20.

Apart from your hill training or quality running sessions being slightly different as explained in prior weeks...

You will run the same training as last week.

So lets turn our attention to food training.

97 million people in the United States are overweight. Close to 40 % of the nation.

Runners generally eat healthier than the rest of the population. Watch a 5K or 10K race though, and you will still see that 25-30 % of the entrants are overweight. Few are in the morbidly overweight class, but huge numbers are carrying 10-30 pounds too much for their frame. Take control of your calorie intake by:

Writing down what you eat for several days.

Knowing you have to write it down may stop you from picking up that candy. Review your intake for wasted calories. Please avoid hyped up:

Low fat diets; high fat diets; low carbohydrate diets; high carbohydrate diets; low protein diets; high protein diets; high or low anything diets;

Eat a balanced diet with a variety of foods based upon the food pyramid. Avoid overeating and check these pages for more advice.

My Running diet homepage
Zone diet or 40:30:30 myths
Dumping syndrome from too much simple sugar
Fat reduction pills
Weight loss and weight management...one dozen ways to lose 10 pounds per year.

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Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks
Go here if you're running 40-60 miles per week
Practice good running form, and interval training at 5K pace will:

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This page is Week 11 of 20 training schedule for your 10K race, by David Holt