In the 13th training week for 10K racing, most runners move to a new training session.

This web page is based on running 30 miles per week? Go here if you're running 40-60 miles per week

Itís time for most runners to move up a training Phase. It takes beginners
12 weeks to feel comfortable with their 10-12 mile runs, plus 3
miles of fartlek running. These runners will now commence two
weeks of hill training, then move to two weeks of anaerobic
threshold running, and finish out the twenty weeks with four
weeks of short intervals. 
Next time through this training youíll be able to run straight to 6-8
weeks of hill training and anaerobic threshold running; the third
time through, youíll be able to run the short intervals of Phase
Four starting with Week 9 of 20. 
The forth time through, and youíll be so adept at interval running
that you can enter Phase Five in Week Thirteen.

Experienced runners enter Phase Five of 10K Training.

Week Thirteen: Phase Five, but only if you passed the interval test. 
The interval test is simple: Run 12 x 400 meters at 2 mile race
pace, or 12 seconds per mile faster than 5K race pace. Then run 10
miles the next day without feeling distressed. (If you run more than
30 miles per week, run 10 % of your mileage as 400s; follow this
with one third of your weekly mileage as one run...up to fifteen

Hard running, before you are ready, causes injury.

Phase Five is not for the timid; its training is harsh yet also
stimulating to your mind and your body. It will improve your 10K
time, but only if youíve had sufficient experience with shorter
interval training.
If those 400s, or quarter miles feel gruesome, stay with short
intervals for another 4-6 weeks, then peak for your race. 

400s feel to harsh, please restrain yourself to short interval running

Ready to stimulate your cells?

Longer reps, more intensive interval training for advanced runners. 
Longer reps at 2 mile to 5K race pace place your cardiovascular
and muscular system under high stress for a greater percentage of
your running time. Oxygen uptake and enzyme activity is given
greater stimulation to increase efficiency.

Because you are running fast for a longer distance, you are forced
to run more economically.
Your VO2 max will rise to the highest it is capable of at your
current mileage; your running efficiency will reach its peak;
Your 10K time will improve. Provided that you:
Practice running economically during your long reps.

Training schedule in Phase Five.

Day one: 10-12 mile easy pace run
Day three: 4 week rotation of, one to two miles of hill running, hilly fartlek, 
anaerobic threshold and short intervals (preferably on grass) 
Day four: easy 6 miles
Day six: Long intervals for three miles This week it's 8 x 600 meters at 2
 mile race pace with a 400 meter fast jog recovery. Total 7 miles. See
 week 14 for the remaining sessions.
Days two, five and seven: rest
Total mileage is 30-32

Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks
10K training week 12 of 20...interval running
Week 14: More long reps at 5K pace.
Practice good running form, and long intervals at 2 mile to 5K pace will...

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10K training week 13 of 20: A new training session, or revisiting an old friend.